6 Laundry & Dry Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

While cleaning clothes two methods are commonly used – laundry and dry cleaning. Some of the professional cleaning service providers of both or either of these cleaning methods to clean clothes and other fabrics in Singapore. People usually hire these service providers to save their time but most of them usually make certain mistakes while choosing these service providers or selecting the right cleaning method. You can clean your clothes more easily and effectively by avoiding these mistakes.
Selection of wrong cleaning service

  • Selection of wrong cleaning service: Sometimes people select a cleaning service that is not suitable for them. You can choose the best laundry or dry cleaning service by taking a few careful steps. First of all, you should spend some time to find the best cleaning services in your area. You can also ask your family, friends, and colleagues who are using such services since long to find a suitable cleaning service for you.
  • Hire a service without comparing: When you do not compare the cleaning services available in your area then you may not get a reliable laundry or dry cleaning for your clothes cleaning needs. So, it is better to compare the packages of the options available nearby you to find the best cleaning service for you. You should choose the best options according to your budget and cleaning needs. The customer representatives of most of the dry cleaning companies usually help their prospective customers to know about their packages and services provided by them so that you can make a well-informed decision.
  • Avoid the reviews of other customers: Most people make a common mistake of avoiding the reviews of other customers. In fact, you can know about the quality of service and general behavior of the service providers by reading the reviews of their previous customers. The reviews of the satisfied customers will appreciate the service of the company which also helps in building their good reputation in the market. So, it is better for you to contact a reputable laundry or dry cleaning company for cleaning your clothes and other fabrics including upholsteries and draperies, etc.

Fail to set up your cleaning needs

  • Fail to set up your cleaning needs: You should not make this mistake if you want to get the maximum benefit from laundry or dry cleaning process. But most people make this mistake due to lack of knowledge whether their clothes need laundry service of dry cleaning. So to maximize the benefits of these services you must sort out which clothes are to be dry cleaned and which to be laundered. It will also help you in taking proper care of all of your clothes. You can find the top laundry companies in Singapore.
  • Forget to empty the pockets of all of your clothes: While sending their clothes to laundry or dry cleaning service most people forget to empty their pockets. This mistake can severally cause drastic problems when some important document is left in the pocket and washed or dry cleaned with the clothing. So before sending clothes to the cleaning service you must spare some time to ensure that all of their pockets are checked.

Cannot select the right clothes for the right cleaning process

  • Cannot select the right clothes for the right cleaning process: Many people make this mistake most often as they are not able to differentiate which clothes are to be dry cleaned and which to be laundered. So to get proper cleaning service you should learn how to differentiate them. You can keep clothes made of high quality and expensive materials for dry-cleaning so that their quality can be properly maintained. Other casual clothes and draperies made from other than wool, nylon, and polyester, etc. can be sent for laundry service. Though these clothes are not of inferior quality still they do not need to be dry cleaned.


Thus, it is important for you in Singapore to learn how to avoid certain common mistakes while selecting a cleaning service as well as differentiating the clothes for right service to get the best results in the future. You can ensure the safe cleaning of all types of clothes by selecting the right cleaning service in Singapore. But while selecting a suitable cleaning service you should take all the precautions discussed in this write-up. You can hire the best laundry or dry cleaning service in your area by comparing the services and packages of the available options.

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