5 Unique & Creative Ways To Decorate Home With Old Bottles

If you have lots of old wine, beer, glass or soda bottles sitting idle at home and ready to be trashed away, better think again! This is because used bottles can be up-cycled and turned into beautiful home decoration pieces.

Here are a few unique & creative way to decorate home through which you can use bottles for up-cycling:

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{1} Turn a wine bottle into a flower vase

This is one of the simplest ways via which you can reuse a wine bottle. Simply fill the bottle with water (but not up to the top) and put in fresh flowers, one stem at a time.

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You may even paint and add glitter to the bottle although it will still look fine without any additional alterations.

{2} Make It a Lighting Accent

Wine bottles will give your room a soft glow. This is especially comes in handy if your room is glared by harsh overhead lighting. All you require is to drill a hole in the bottom of the bottom and place it over a candle.

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You can also place twinkle lights inside the bottle.

{3} Use Wine Bottles For Decoration

You can reuse your empty bottles for both indoor and outdoor gardening. For example, you can use them as watering cans as well as hanging planters which can be made via cutting off the bottom of the bottles.

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{4} Turn a Glass Bottle Into a Candlestick

All you need to turn your wine bottle into a unique candlestick is a glass-cutter. What you have to do is simply slice off the bottom part of the bottle and intricately place a slick candle stick in its neck.

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diy hanging glass bottle candle holderBlue Wine Bottle Wall Candle Holder Torch Ideas

The resultant decoration piece will be a candlestick which will add charm to every space.

{5} Convert a Wine Bottle Into a Drinking Glass

Old bottles can easily be converted into glass tumblers by having their tops cut off. Although this technique will take time, it is quite simple once you become accustomed to the technique.

cut wine bottles into glassesCut Bottles into Glasses Image By Kapia Mera Soap Co

After cutting off the tops, you can sand the edges so as to make them smooth and safe.

In conclusion, there are several ways through which you can reuse glass bottles for decorate home. Along with taking care of other home decor aspects such as Persian carpet and furniture arrangement, you can also add you DIY bottle decoration pieces to your home’s interior.