5 Tips to Make a DIY Kitchen Look Like a Professional Job

When you follow these 5 kitchen renovation tips it can!

Quality kitchen renovations rarely come cheap, so if you consider yourself to be quite handy and you know the difference between a hammer and a drill, taking care of your own kitchen renovation is a great option that can help you save a few dollars.

But can a DIY-job really look as good as a professional kitchen renovation?

When you follow these 5 kitchen renovation tips it can!

1. Visit some kitchen showrooms

Visit some kitchen showrooms

Before you can make your kitchen look like it’s a professional job, you need to see what the professionals are doing.

Taking the time to visit something like these kitchen showrooms Melbourne will allow you to sample a range of kitchen designs and styles to see what works best and what appeals to you most. You’re also almost guaranteed to pick up a few nifty design ideas along the way too!

2. Look for a flat pack brand with more size options

Flat pack kitchens have made it really easy for DIY-ers to manage their own kitchen renovation projects while working within a tight budget, however flat pack kitchens also come with one significant limitation—the cabinetry is only available in pre-specified dimensions.

The result is that many flat pack kitchens don’t properly utilize all the available space within the area, so before you settle on a particular flat pack brand, carefully consider how much flexibility their range of cabinetry options offers and how well it will fit into the space you have to work with.

3. Invest the time to plan properly

Invest the time to plan properly

Ever heard the saying coined by Benjamin Franklin, “those who fail to plan, plan to fail”? Well this certainly rings true when it comes to kitchen renovation projects.

While a kitchen renovation might seem relatively simple at first glance, they can be quite complex. You need to consider everything from your design choices, to ensuing all your products are on-site when you need them, managing the demolition of your old kitchen and coordinating your professional trades (even when you’re DIY-ing you’ll still need to bring in a plumber and an electrician at different stages throughout the project).

Without taking the time to properly think through and formulate a plan for each stage of the project, there’s great potential for the project to blow out in terms of time and budget (or even both!).

4. Splash out on some upgrades

DIY doesn’t mean you should sacrifice on luxury. You are after all saving big by taking care of the install yourself, so you can afford to splash out a little on the kitchen itself.

Opting for some luxury upgrades like premium appliances, stone counter tops or soft-closing cabinetry (which can be added to most modern flat pack kitchen designs) will amplify the professional finish of your kitchen, without the same price hefty tag you would expect to pay when using a professional kitchen renovation company.

5. Incorporate at least one feature item

A feature design element can be the thing that separates an ordinary kitchen from a show-stopping kitchen.

Whether it’s a unique feature tile, an expensive-looking tap, high-end cabinet handles or a hardwood timber feature shelf, these small details can make a big difference to the completed look of your kitchen—something which the professionals know all too well.

While yes, added features can add to the total cost of your reno, they’re well worth it if you want to create a kitchen of distinction that looks just as good as (if not better) than a professional job.