5 Steps to a Perfect Garage

The garage is an often underappreciated room in a home. With its primary use being storage they often get cluttered and unseemly and therefore overlooked when upgrading or decorating your home, and with all the options, such as deciding against a Chamberlain or a LiftMaster (check this out), It can be stressful. But a perfect garage can be achieved in just five steps. These five steps are as easy as declutter, refurbish, organize, plan, and decorate. This may seem like a load of work but breaking it down into steps makes it manageable and easy.


The first step to any makeover is to declutter. With garages this step is especially vital. Most garages end up serving as a garbage dump for everything you can not store in your house. Depending on the house this can be the biggest hurdle. Go through everything in your garage and decide what you want to keep and what you can sell, donate, or trash. You would be surprised how much clutter you can remove when going through everything you may have put in your garage years ago. You may even be able to have a yard sale and make a little bit of cash off the things you don’t need. Once this step is done you should feel excited and ready to start the process of refurbishing.


Take a look around your newly cleaned garage and take note of anything you want refurbished or added. These can include anything from lights to floor polish to even a bar. The most common thing to look into first is floors. Decide whether you’d like a stain, a new coat of paint, or a whole new floor. Depending on your price range, anything is possible. With a shiny new floor we turn to the walls and lights to brighten things up and then decide on a garage door. Garage doors may be the biggest change to the aesthetic of your garage and outdoor curb appeal. There are tons of designs to choose from and they can totally change up the space.


Possibly the most important part of any garage makeover is organizing. Installing important organizational systems will ensure that your garage never gets to a point of having too much clutter. There are countless ways to organize your garage but the most effective solutions take advantage of the space on the walls and even the roof of your garage to keep the space for cars empty. Walls can be arranged to hold anything from lawn chairs to sporting equipment to tools. Whatever your needs are they can be fitted to your space. Overhead roof storage is excellent for things you may not use often such as seasonal items and holiday decor. The roof can also be a convenient place to hold everything that you previously had nowhere to store. Whatever your organization needs most anything can fit along the walls or on the roof of your garage. This leaves space for you to transform your garage into anything you like.

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You may be giving your garage a makeover to make space for your cars. Maybe you have grand plans for a personal gym or workshop. Perhaps you want to transform your garage into a game room for your kids. Whatever your needs you should always plan ahead. If you’re keeping your garage traditional think about convenience. If you want a workshop or gym think about what equipment would fit nicely in the space. A gameroom may need a sofa and electrical outlets so keep in mind where these could go. Before purchasing anything take measurements and make sure you won’t have any problems fitting what you want into the space. If you want a workbench or fridge in your garage but still want to be able to park your cars away, make sure you measure with the cars in mind. You do not want to be finished with your makeover only to realize your car cant even fit in the new garage.


This is the fun part. With all the cleaning, organizing, and planning out of the way you get to really make the space come alive. Add whatever it is you want from furniture to plants to a fridge. There are no limits to what a garage can be used for and you can really make it your own. Even as a functional space to park your cars you can add nice shelving or displays to add a little something extra to the space. Perhaps an outdoor rug or sporting equipment wall to show off your athletic side. Whatever you decide to do with your garage if you follow the first few steps it will be the best garage in town.