5 Simple Hacks to Enhance Your Gardening Skills

Greenery around us is something everybody yearns these days. The wish to surround ourselves with a pretty garden containing a collection that we took time and put effort into molding is definitely a good choice! For all the gardeners and to-be-gardeners out there, here is a list of tips and tricks to get around gardening with ease.

Collected from a wide range of experiences, these little things will help you make sure that the work of gardening is made more fun and exhilarating for everyone looking to try out something new in this area.

1. Vertical Gardening for Maximizing Yield

Vertical Gardening for Maximizing Yield

One of the most pressing problems faced by modern day gardeners is a lack in the amount of land area that is available. They will have to do with the little area that they have got and try to maximize their produce amount within it. A great solution for this are the vertical barrel planters out there. You can either buy these to grow plants that you like or even make them yourself if you’ve got the time and inclination from the number of do-it-yourself tutorials and videos online. Using them we can grow a great number of plants vertically and make use of the space economically while not giving up on the amount of yield required.

Also, if you have a spare room that can be used for gardening; then you can use led grow lights to pursue gardening indoors. Grow lights are available in different colors but the color depends on the purpose of your lamp.

2. Use Home Based Products as The Base of Your Pesticides

The plants will naturally attract a lot of pests and bugs. In line with the organic farming techniques being used today, there are many ways to make insecticides and fungicides at home to protect the plants during their growth phase. Garlics with their pungent smell make the perfect insecticide. Blending and diluting the bulb of the garlic is how it is done. In a similar way, diluting baking soda in water with a little bit of dish wash for adhesion is a preventive measure against fungi. Even liquid dish wash can be used directly after appropriate dilution against mites and aphids in the form of an insecticidal soap which has got very low toxicity.
Use Home Based Products as The Base of Your Pesticides

3. Tilling the Land for Better Exposure

Tilling is something which is usually carried out on the land to bring up the deeper soil onto the top. It is usually accompanied by the process of applying manure while removing weeds out of the soil and breaking down harder areas of the earth. It is a preparatory method which is usually done for aerating the soil in the fall season to let the soil settle down in time for the planting season. For smaller areas of land, garden tillers are used while for the larger ones, huge rear tillers are utilized. Tilling is something which should be done at specific times to prevent it from leading to soil erosion.
Tilling the Land for Better Exposure

4. Provide Constant Watering Through the Wick Irrigation System

Watering is a regular activity which has got to be carried out with consistency. The problem can arise when the owner may have to leave the garden unattended for a few days. A lack of proper water can seriously affect the metabolism of the plants. The wick irrigation system works on the capillary action of a water storage. Mostly suitable for potted plants, plastic containers containing water with lids for placing the pots upon, are used for this purpose. By making an acrylic string come into the soil through a hole at the bottom of the pot, water at its other end which is dipped into the water container is taken in. Plenty of videos are available online on various similar set ups for different kinds of plant arrangements.

5. Use Toilet Paper as Seed Tapes

Segregating rows of plants is usually carried out by seed tapes which are not very cheap. A better and more ergonomic alternative would be to use toilet paper to serve as seed tapes. This allows gardeners to provide a proper arrangement while avoiding unnecessary thinning of plants. Mixing the right amount of flour and water as the adhesive for the seeds to stick onto the paper is mostly the main work. After that it can be laid to perfection in the garden to obtain neat rows of plants.

All these small techniques can contribute to making gardening a totally fruitful and enjoyable process to carry out.