5 Reasons Why You Need Home Automation

However, some people are still confused about home automation with several apprehensions of its functionalities and advantages. Some people even think that home automation may be expensive and may create an embarrassing situation. 

The world is in the era of IoT and everybody is crazy about home automation. Home automation has made life easier, safer, and secured with other abundant advantages. Numerous tasks at home that you repeat again and again are easily accomplished with a button through home automation.

Eventually, home automation is trending everywhere beginning from residential homes to workplaces to commercial complexes including retail stores. Similarly, you can also get IoT-enabled appliances, various furniture along with Custom fitted wardrobes, and automation equipment almost anywhere you like.

However, some people are still confused about home automation with several apprehensions of its functionalities and advantages. Some people even think that home automation may be expensive and may create an embarrassing situation.

It is beyond debate that there are a lot of myths around home automation but the truth is clear that home automation is neither expensive nor complicated. Rather it is though technologically a complex subject to understand but makes life simpler than ever. Here are 5 relevant reasons why you need home automation without any hesitation at the earliest.

Circular futuristic interface of smart home automation assistant

1) Smart Home Technology is No More a Luxury-It is a Need

Home automation started as a luxury and status symbol in the beginning and then became a trend. But home automation in the contemporary world has turned out to be a must-have and essentially needed technology. Eventually, it has made life easy, stress-free, and productive. Know how every room of your home and your life in the rooms transform to a better atmosphere and progressive living after automation below.

  • You can automatically on or off the lights in every room and customize the brightness. You can also set timers when you are out of your home.
  • Set your home hubs and schedule the TV recording or manage recorded programs and what whenever and wherever you wish even on your phone.
  • Know who is knocking on the door by your phone and open the door remotely or wait for the strangers.
  • Control and manage the temperature of your rooms with the smart thermostat. It will eventually cut your energy cost.
  • Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors of your home automation can alert you if an increased level is detected.
  • The smart entryway can give you a hassle-free outing and get in with an automated door lock.
  • Your smart bulbs last longer than the usual bulbs and consume reduced energy.
  • Window and door sensors enhance and ensure the safety and security of your home.
  • Your smart kitchen can help you in many ways. For example, if you find anything such as sugar is getting over, just command your smart device saying “Alexa, get sugar into the shopping list”. Just get into the Alexa app in your next shopping and find the complete list.

2) Automation Towards Ensuring Security

Ensuring security is one of the fundamental reasons to go for home automation. Automation systems use the information of motion sensors and connected devices. So, the system automatically closes the garage door, locks the smart lock, turns off lights, etc. when you go out of the house. Similarly, you can also turn off any connected appliances if you have forgotten to turn them off.

3) Home Automation for Improved Safety

Home automation provides various features that can remarkably improve the safety of your home. The feature can light your way when you get back home at night. Similarly, many accidents happen when there is insufficient light. The automation can automatically turn light on the stairways, closets, custom fitted wardrobes, and other risky dark places for your safety.

Home Automation3

4) Automation can Take Better Care of Your Family

Home automation comes with video doorbells, smart cameras, motion sensors, etc. that can take better care of your family, especially of your children. You can keep your eye on the children at home when you are out or watch them playing out near your home. Eventually, you are aware of what is going on around your family in the home and can immediately act if something goes wrong.

5) Home Automation Saves Your Money by Reducing Energy Cost

Smart appliances, smart lightings, and smart thermostats are programmed in home automation to reduce and control energy consumption. Eventually, by home automation, you are directly reducing the energy cost and saving money.

As per Statista, burglary in the UK is though declining but there were 404 thousand burglary cases in 2019-20 in England and Wales alone. Therefore, who knows your house may be the target of the burglars tonight. Home automation is the solution for you to ensure safety and security and live a comfortable life.