14 Kitchen Design Trends – 2020

Here are some of the snazziest 2020 kitchen trends to look out for:

And so begins not just a brand-new year, but a whole new decade, which is 10 whole new years of some of the hottest kitchen design trends that we can look forward to starting off with 2020.

Some people will be fine with the classic all-white, but there are others who wish to give their kitchen a little bit of a distinct personality. Whether you’re looking for natural, rustic, or modern elements, something between backsplash is the color pallets, we’ve got a little bit of everything to share with are enthusiastic readers in this article.

Here are some of the snazziest 2020 kitchen trends to look out for:

1. Marble Kitchen Countertops

Marble Kitchen Countertops

Carrara marble will always be one of the most prevalent kitchen design trends due to its natural beauty. But if you fancy a nice glass of red wine, then engineered quartz is more of your style. Although it may be artificial, it’ll go easy on your wallet and won’t have a problem with stains. If you like to look at more countertop options, then visit Caesarstone right now. Some of the best kitchen countertops are manufactured by Caesarstone.

2. Navy Cabinetry

Blue kitchens have been catching fire for the last several years, but as of recently, plenty of clients have been screaming about Navy blue as if it’s the end of the world. This kind of blue goes really well with brass, and if this speaks to you, go right ahead. And that’s why it has the honor of being in our kitchen trends 2020 list.

3. Calacatta Marble

Calacatta – Carrara’s fancier sibling – has a more profound, and powerful veining that exudes graphic and boldness. When it comes to cool and warm tones, calacatta marble is expected to surpass Carrara especially in 2020. Its shade of gold and brown is something that brings a sense of class and regality within any homeowner.

4. Kitchen Larders

Before the refrigerator was invented, there was its ancestor, the kitchen larger but without the cool, fresh temperatures to preserve the food items. Fast-forward 100 or so years now, this former food-preserving and storage facility has been transformed as a stylish standalone pantry or cupboard. It’s one of the hottest decorating trends for 2020 and for several good reasons. It can be big enough to store most of our dry goods, but tiny enough to make everything look organized while also taking up what little bit of valuable space there is. Forget a walk-in cabinet and just go for a countertop one or just add some doors to the shelf that you already have.

5. Task, Ambient, and Natural Lighting

Natural Lighting
If you play a little with your kitchen lighting, you can really set the right kind of mood for both cooking and entertainment, be it night or day. And the best way to do so is to use a combination of task, but ambient, and natural lighting like the ones used in Charbonneau Interiors. Notice the smart way of utilizing LED lighting for the upper cabinets. Not only does it give the cabinetry some focus but it also gives it a dramatic lighting effect. We recommend using battery-operated LED lighting as pretty simple to install and can be used anywhere in your house.

6. Slab Backsplashes

Slab backsplash, also known as a solid stone backsplash, is a clean option that adds just the right amount of drama and boldness to a kitchen. Unlike tile backsplashes, slab backsplashes impact the kitchen in an incredible way and are also very simple to maintain. By far the hottest trend for this is marble slabs.

7. The Fifth Wall (Kitchen Ceiling)

While you’re having fun decorating all four walls of your kitchen, don’t forget about the fifth one, which is the ceiling. You can bring a good amount of dramatic flair to the ceiling by adding some fun wood paneling, wallpaper or color to it.

The best decorating trends for 2020 will always take this crucial space into consideration.

8. Storage Walls

Instead of including more cabinets in your kitchen, why not go for an entire wall of cabinets that hit the ceiling all the way down to the floor? This is ideal for those who are all out of storage space in their big pantries. And while it’s good to have more storage space for your kitchen, it would be better to learn how to make the most of that space. We suggest adding some pullout drawers or shelving for your day-to-day cooking. We also recommend including electrical outlets within the cabinets so you can plug in some small appliances.

9. Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Cabinetry

If you’re looking to install custom cabinets for your kitchen, go for a roughhewn, reclaimed wood. And if you’re on the lookout for prefab, then IKEA will give you a great start as they’re now offering more natural, eco-friendly kitchen cabinet materials. In fact, cabinet companies are so into the eco-friendly solution, that they’ll be offering tons of materials for environmentalist homeowners, from bamboo to also recycle plastic bottles, if you can believe it.

10. Colorful Kitchen Tile

Backsplashes are some of the best ways to get a kitchen design some great personality if you’re not thinking about doing a complete renovation of the room. The vintage white will never go out of style no matter what, but sometimes wish to dip their hands into the color palette and see if they can bring some uniqueness with their meal preparations.

11. Farmhouse Kitchens

Farmhouse Kitchens
There’s something really charming about the old-timey rustic kitchen themes and it’s probably because it brings some depth and warmness to it. Or perhaps it’s because what’s old is new again. Either way, some folks feel that antique brings visual interest, functionality and personality and their and their right to believe that if it adds to the decor of their kitchen.

12. Kitchen Plate Racks

The vintage plate racks from centuries past are looking to make a big splash when it comes to kitchen decorating trends in 2020. Whether they’re mounted on walls or displayed on countertops, plate racks not only offer a decent amount of space with which you can display your dishware instead of putting away in a cupboard or a hutch, but they also bring plenty of soul with them as well.

13. Open Shelving

Open shelving has been around for a good while. So why is it one of our top 2020 kitchen trends? That’s an easy one! Instead of using it to display their glassware and dinner, the new trend is focusing on showcasing decorative items like vintage cookware, books or even those porcelain items that are grandparents handed down to us from their times.

14. Steel Hoods

We recently noticed an uptick in custom kitchen hoods that are now avoiding tired old basic painted wood or stainless steel. These days plasterwork and steel are making their way into kitchen designs in the new year and tons of homeowners love making these the focus of their kitchens. This is one of the most functional kitchen decorating trends as well since steel hoods allow you to focus on an element of your kitchen you’ll use every time you cook.