12 Tips to Keep Your Home Cleaner Than Ever

Here we list organized tips to add to your routine to keep your house cleaner than ever.

Are you contemplating on how to constantly keep a clean house without spending the entire weekend cleaning? The trick is to do a little each day to prevent the mess from accumulating. Sunday out with family strolling at a park sounds better than doing laundry and wiping windows.

Try to keep the entire family involved. Kids who take on house chores and form a habit of cleaning their home each day at a young age will grow up to be more responsible adults.

Here we list organized tips to add to your routine to keep your house cleaner than ever.

1) Keep mats at every entrance of your home.

To keep your house clean, place doormats on both the inside and outside of your home. Dirt that piles up on doormats is proof that it is an effective way of keeping away unwanted germs and grime from outside. Placing mats on top of your home carpet with high foot traffic is also a good idea because they are easier to clean and replace.

2) Invest in a good vacuum cleaner

Invest in a good vacuum cleaner

Never put off vacuuming, invest in good equipment that suits your basic home needs. The best vacuum cleaners should be durable and have high enough suction power to pick up any dirt and grime, pet hair and small debris. Choose one that is compact and easy to store. It should be light enough to run and maneuver around your home with little effort. Various models have added features that specialize in pet hair cleaning attachments, extended hoses and easy to empty dirt compartments. Five minutes every night vacuuming high traffic areas will keep your home and floors looking so much cleaner the next day.

3) Fix your bed

Start your day right. A person’s bed is the most visible surface in one’s bedroom. An unmade bed makes the entire room look dirty. If you’re always in a rush to get to work in the morning, try switching to a duvet. Choosing it with a removable cover is the best option as it will be easy to throw in the washing machine after a week’s use.

4) Clean your kitchen after each meal

After cooking or having a quick snack, not cleaning dirty countertops can make the kitchen look messy. Put remaining food away. Empty and clean out the sink of dirty plates and cutlery. If you own a dishwasher, load dishes after each meal then polish down your counters with a multipurpose cleaning cloth.

5) Wash a load of laundry every day

Wash a load of laundry every day
Creating a daily laundry habit will lessen your chores over the weekend. Before heading to the office try loading a hamper of dirty laundry so it will be ready to be placed in the dryer when you get home. Fold and put away your clothes as soon as you’re done.

6) Have a place for everything

Owning too much stuff without having a place for it to go, creates clutter and unwanted piles of things in your home. This will make it impossible to keep clean. Try using organized containers or baskets to help you keep track of things you’d like to put away.

7) Wipe down your house sinks

The bathroom sink and faucet can look nasty with unwanted soap and toothpaste splatters. This goes the same for your kitchen sink. Keep at hand a disinfecting wipe or cleaning fabric. Wiping these areas every day takes minimal time and effort. It will definitely keep the mess under control.

8) Keep store cleaning supplies in various rooms around the house

Stack sets of cleaning supplies in various locations around your home so you can quickly wipe down surfaces that need tidying up. Paper towels, cleaning spray, and dust cloths will come in handy anytime. It is the best way to keep your space clean without having the need to deep clean as often.

9) Leave the dining table always set

Leave the dining table always set
Having a dining table that is always set with plates and cutlery prevents people from unloading their person clutter. Unopened mail, keys, schoolwork, and random items can start piling up on a large table. Keeping the table set at all times makes your dining area look clean and polished at all times.

10) Brush your Pets Outside

Sweeping after your shaggy pets can be a chore. It is wise to brush your dog outside instead of indoors every other day. This will prevent your pet from shedding inside the house.

11) Delegate the tasks

Keeping a house clean must be a group effort. Each family member should have daily and weekly chores such as vacuuming, dusting, emptying the trash bin, sweeping, doing the dishes, etc.

12) Go by the one in, one out rule

Unwanted stuff can pile up in every corner or counter space of your house. Start by following the one in, one out rule. After purchasing something new, donate, sell or throw out an older item, to make space.