10 Tips to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

By this, it means improving your curb’s appeal or façade. It should get potential buyers and even visitors excited to look and see more of your home. Not only does the impression have to be a good one, but it should be welcoming as well.

Do you want to sell your house? If so, is your house ready for sale? Will you be getting the best price for the house? Is your house advertising itself? Would prospective clients be interested in the house from the first view? Will the house retain their attention through the long bargaining procedure?

If you are unsure of all this, no need to worry now as I have a solution for you. Increase the appeal of your house. Make the house promote itself. Once the potential new owner views the house for the first time, he should fall in love with it. Without entering the house, the client should say, “This is the house I want.”

By this, it means improving your curb’s appeal or façade. It should get potential buyers and even visitors excited to look and see more of your home. Not only does the impression have to be a good one, but it should be welcoming as well.

It’s not difficult to increase the curb appeal and make the exterior appealing. There are so many ways to do this now, both from small changes and even to major ones. All these lead up to multiple advantages like the following:

It is not difficult to increase the curb appeal and make the exterior appealing. There are multiple advantages of increasing the curb appeal.

  • Impression management: The buyer will start forming an opinion about the house from the very first look. You can make a positive first impression by making the exterior attractive and welcoming. Otherwise, buyers will be turned off from even setting foot in your home.
  • Decision hinging: The potential buyer may stand outside the house to discuss the terms with the realtor or simply wait and observe the house. The face of the house will not only be the first but also the last thing he sees before he makes a decision.
  • Attractiveness Quotient: Everyone wants to live in the most beautiful house on the road. You’ll want this house to be yours.
  • Price Quotient: If your house stands out, then the buyer will be ready to pay more for it. Buyers can pay as much as 2% to 4% more for houses that are appealing. This works to your advantage when you might decide to one day sell your home.

Here is a list of ten things that can improve the curb appeal of your house.

1. Colour management:

Colorful things catch attention. Paint your house in a color that’s bright, catching, and aesthetic. But don’t overdo it. You’ll want to choose a paint color that’ll remain a classic even as years pass. If you’re not the type to go for bright colors everywhere, you can have this eye-catching aesthetic on a single focal point such as your door. Blues and yellows are a favorite.

Boost the paint with colorful flowers and some brightly colored outside furniture. But remember, while it’s important to have some individuality, a house should not stick out. The house colors should blend in with the neighborhood, so consider this as well.

If you’re unsure about how to display and mix-and-match flowers, it’ll also help to have a landscape artist give you advice on the matter so you can be sure to prevent your front lawn from looking too busy.

2. Build Laneway house

Laneway homes are a new norm in the Vancouver area. People are building these secondary homes behind their actual houses. It is designed to look like a smaller version of the house. When you decide to build a Laneway house it automatically increases its value and simultaneously improve the curb appeal, it allows proprietors to generate an extra profit and is great for the community, the atmosphere and your pocket! It’s the most trending housing option in Vancouver.

3. Light management:

Light up your exteriors using LED lights. Even if a customer comes by at night, he should see the house in all its glory.

4. Physical asset management

Fix your front door, roof, driveway, mailbox, windows, shutters, fence, and gutters. Don’t leave them to the buyer as he will take the expected cost to fix them off his bid. A house that is physically well maintained will get an offer in lesser lead time.

5. Cleanliness management

Give your house a power wash. Clean your roof, deck, gutters, and windows. Remove any mould or mildew. An unsanitary house will turn off the customers.

6. Aesthetic management

Your house should be aesthetically catching. It is not difficult to increase the house aesthetics but ensuring symmetry while putting lights, furniture, and décor outside the house. Also, develop contrasts so that the buyer looks at the different features of the house.

If there’s any unsightly view beyond your property that affects the aesthetics from the inside of your home, a good investment to place is a retaining wall, of which there are many to choose from Coquitlam Retaining Walls.

7. Entrance management

From the driveway to the front door, every step should be like walking on a red carpet. You don’t have to spend money on the red carpet, but a few flowers, a few pictures and a few decorations can make the path freshening and welcoming.

8. Garden management

Tidy up your garden, mow the lawn, get rid of litter and dead plants. If you don’t have a garden, just hang a few plants in pots. Colourful flowers can boost up the look of your house really quickly.

The skilled workers at the Tall Timber Tree can provide you with the best, professional landscaping services in making your grass grown greener, your trees grow taller for Sod installation, fencing, retaining walls, and other landscaping activities

9. Ugliness management

Every house has something that’s unsightly and too costly to repair. You don’t want to advertise these soar marks in the face of your house. If you don’t have the resources right now to do a major renovation or fix of these unsightly parts of your home, some well-placed and bespoke furniture and plants can hide the ugliness. This is not cheating. If you can hide it, the new owner won’t see it.

10. Furniture management

Some colorful, bright furniture like a doormat and outside sitting can increase the appeal and living quotient of a house. This can serve as your focal or accent point to prevent the façade of your home from looking too drab. However, be sure to keep it well balanced, as you also wouldn’t want to overwhelm it with too many things going on.

Final Word

Increase a house’s curb appeal even with a low budget and staying within time constraints. These tips would show you that making changes on your curb appeal doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive project. Your home’s curb is the very first thing that people will see so you’ve got to make a good first impression. Every house is special and is filled with memorable things so just a few touches are required to make it look amazing. A little time and effort can increase the value of your house.