How to Select the Right Size of Chandelier for Your Room?

What is so special about a Rectangular Chandelier?

A chandelier is a beautiful domestic décor accessory that can create a strong fashion statement. They arrive in a number of attractive shapes and sizes. The right selection of its dimension is vital to create the desired ambiance. Square chandeliers are one of the most sought types of chandeliers.

If you are planning to purchase it, then examine this article. We are going to talk about selecting its correct size.

What is so distinct a couple of Rectangular Chandelier?


A rectangular chandelier could be seen as a fantastic approach to light up lifestyles and the eating table. The rectangular form permits you to lighten a large rectangular-shaped or oval-shaped dining desk easily. This lighting solution is the ideal addition to your home.

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What Are the Popular Styles in Chandeliers?

Besides the oblong shape, you may also choose chandeliers in quite a few other fascinating and delightful patterns such as:

  • The oldest and classic Candle Chandelier:
  • The dreamlike and romantic Crystal Chandelier:
  • The Drum Chandelier for muted and hotter lighting:
  • The contemporary elongated Island Chandelier:
  • The Mini or Miniature Chandelier:
  • The clean, lavish and straight design Contemporary Chandelier:
  • The Ring Chandelier is made from metal hoops, branches, plants, animal horns, and different distressed materials.
  • The jazzy Shaded Chandelier for a soft, and romantic effect
  • The wow Tiered Chandelier for a better presence in a space


Steps for Choosing the Correct Size of A Chandelier For Entryway


The first must check in a chandelier is its height. To find the correct chandelier’s height, you would like to first measure the peak of the room. When you’ve got a excessive ceiling on your house, then you ought to buy a tall chandelier. Comply with the simple ratio of 2.5 inches in fixture peak for every one foot of room height.


After identifying the height, you presently have to measure the diameter of a chandelier. Methods to determine the diameter of a chandelier is that it ought to be half of the sum of size and width of the room (in inches).

Steps for Choosing the Correct Size of a Chandelier for Kitchen Island or Dining Room Table


You should grasp the fixture such that its lowest point is around 30 to 34 inches from the tabletop.


The diameter of your chandelier has to be hung over the table. It ought to be a foot under the tabletop width to prevent hitting heads. You can location two smaller sizes of chandeliers above a protracted table. Select a diameter that is around 1/3rd of the table’s width.


Chandeliers are the embodiment of extraordinary perfection. Those magical pieces have the tremendous potential to relieve the look and feel of a home, improve its lighting and grace quotient. The correct choice of length will provide the specified volume of lighting fixtures and create the correct seem of a place.