How to Predict A Reality Show Winner

Reality shows offer their contestants a huge opportunity. What they also offer is some great entertainment! When you see the contestants putting in their all to get the coveted trophies or checks, it also adds an emotional quotient to the game. But what is even more fun than watching a reality TV show’s contestants compete with each other? It’s the joy of predicting the winner of the show successfully. Indeed, there are many entertainment dailies covering the many shows and giving their opinions on who will win. Many betting sites also offer actions on such event outcomes. So, how do you predict a winner like that? What things do you need to consider? Here are a few factors you need to consider if you want to successfully predict the next winner of a reality show.

Social Media Following

Social Media Following

When it comes to media of any kind, popularity is everything! And in today’s digital world, there’s no dearth of famous celebrities that are constantly in the public eye. Even in reality shows, popularity of the contestant can often be a deciding factor in the finals. While reality shows promise the selection and judgment is based on talent, public votes still count for 50% result. And the fact is, the more popular they are, the better they fare.

Age Is a Factor

Another important factor that often affects the winner of reality shows is their age. More often than not, contestants who are younger and fitter manage to last on the longer. Especially if the shows involve physical activities like dancing, exercising, adventure, sports, etc. According to Betway’s research for example, all but one of the 16 winners of Strictly Come Dancing have been in their 20s or 30s. So yes, age of a contestant does have an effect on their performance on the show!

Bet on Underdogs

Surprisingly enough, this is mostly true! The underdogs are often those who have no exceptional talent or are not expected to win. However, more often than not, underdogs with a good personality charm the audiences into voting for them. There are many such instances where a poor performer was voted up to the finalists mostly because of their popularity.

Performance Matters

Performance Matters
Another factor that does contribute greatly to the selection of a winner on any reality TV show is the consistency of their performance. A consistently good performer has better chances of winning the public votes than a contestant with a rocky performance chart. A good example would be the journey of Nadiya Hussain, the winner of The Great British Bake Off 2015.

Judge’s Scores

And last but definitely not the least, the judge’s scores and comments too matter when it comes to reality shows. Surveys show that mostly the public trusts the judges’ opinion when it comes to skill and talent. And while they may be moved by a contestant’s background story or good (or bad) performance once in a while, it is mostly the contestants with consistent performances and judges’ favors that turn out to be the winners.