How to Pick the Best Indoor Air Mattress for Guests

The air mattress has an average thickness of 46 cm can have several separate chambers (there are models in which two mattresses are simply connected).

If you like to rest in nature or often move from apartment to apartment, if the doors of your house are always open to guests who do not mind staying for a day or just want a change, you cannot do without an air mattress or bed. On how to choose them and what to look for, we will tell in this article.

Main characteristics

The air mattress is increasingly finding use as a permanent bed, for example, in a room without the furniture. They are in demand both for students and seasonal workers, as well as for who have to move very often and who do not (cannot) have stationary furniture by

The air mattress has an average thickness of 46 cm can have several separate chambers (there are models in which two mattresses are simply connected).

At this stage of production, air furniture can sometimes fully replace the stationary one.

The air mattresses can easily be transported from one demountable apartment to another (by the way, the initial investment in such furniture is about an order of magnitude lower than for an ordinary one), take with them to nature or a country house.

Advantages and disadvantages of an inflatable mattress (bed) for sleeping


Manufacturers pay great attention to the orthopedic effect due to the presence of internal partitions and a complex system of air chambers that are designed to support the body in anatomically correct position

Compactness. The main advantage of the air sleeping places is the possibility to release air and to fold as needed in a package somewhere on the wardrobe, before the new arrival of guests.

It can be easily washed, including using detergents that is not an option for memory foam mattresses.

Does not cause allergic reactions, it does not contain dust mites.


Safety for health. According to the orthopedic specialists, air mattress, even the most expensive, in its qualities cannot compete with the orthopedic spring (springless) mattress, so they are categorically contraindicated to people with spine disease. Healthy people should not be abusing rest on an inflatable mattress (bed), too.

The complex structure of the mattress is created by a multitude of partitions, and it is the places of joints, seams, and seams that are the weakest, where they are most often torn. Therefore, the more difficult the internal filling of the mattress, the less durable and durable it will be. Yes, and repair in these places is hardest due to bending / unbending, the gluing proves to be unreliable.

But still the main drawback of the air mattress is its low strength, the vinyl cover is very easy to break through. The average life of the mattress is about one and a half years.

How to choose the best air mattress for guests

When choosing a mattress, pay attention to several factors:

1. Stiffness

When choosing the best air mattress for guests, pay attention to its stiffeners. If they are longitudinal, you know, under heavy loads such a bed is short-lived. Mattresses with transverse ribs (look like cells) are more reliable. Their strength is determined by laser stitching of vertical inserts. Such mattresses provide a uniform load on the spine throughout the surface.

2. The size

The standard adopted by the manufacturers differs somewhat from the usual one:

JR. TWIN – single, standard – 76 x 191, the narrowest option that is convenient for the beach, but not for recreation. Because of its small weight, it is rather unstable – if you roll over abruptly, the mattress can tip over, especially if it is almost fully inflated

TWIN – one-and-a-half, dimensions 99 x 191, less often you can meet 102 x 203 cm. This is the most optimal option for one person. On the one hand – spacious, on the other – the risk of turning over the minimum.

DOUBLE – a double mattress, 137 x 192 (sometimes 137 x 203), for two it will still be narrow.

QUEEN – a variant of a double mattress, only wider (152 cm) and longer (203 cm), although in our understanding – this is just a one and a half size. In principle, this size may well be enough for two to be able to comfortably rest at night

KING – the royal standard (although we – it’s just a “double”), 183×203 cm. Usually, it’s inflatable beds, whose height is 50-56 cm, although there are models up to 70 cm tall.

3. Material

Often manufacturers make inflatable beds made of synthetic materials:

  • based on plastic. Coating with a smooth surface is easy to clean. But the bed linen slips from it, so it’s not possible to get a good night’s sleep.
  • based on waterproof vinyl. On one of the surfaces is applied an elastic coating resembling a velour. He does not allow the bedding to slip and wrinkle.

4. A pump

Be sure to check the tightness of the valve, because it is often a weak link in the air mattresses. Some models are equipped with a double-protection valve. Pump up the bed and close the cork. Moisten the valve with soapy water and lie on the mattress. If the valve blows bubbles, then chances are that by morning you will be on the floor, as the mattress will be blown off.

Estimate the diameter of the valve hole. The wider it is, the less time you will pump up / blow away the mattress.

A pump can be both manual or electric. For the best air mattress for guests, it is better to choose an option with a built-in electric pump.