How to Make Any Home Pet Friendly

It is really hard to fancy a life without a pet. They are part of our family. It seems a troublesome task to make them friendly. But actually it is not. We can use various method to do so. First of all we have to deal with them benevolently. Don’t speak up and don’t beat them in any way. Make sure that you grant them a good meal. Pet food is best option. The quantity and quality of food matters extremely. Supply of water is also essential. We should keep the tap running until the pet drink water up to its thirst. One of the best way to make them amicable is to play with them. Usually domestic animals like to play with ball. Providing them a small pet house is necessary. If the animal is small kitten or puppy you can make a small cardboard house for them. It is facile to make and inexpensive too. Their house must possess shelter. It protects them from sunburn or heat stroke. Plant some trees in your garden that provide them shelter. You can create a tree house as well so that kids and dogs can play there together and have some memorable time in childhood. A small pillowed bed is valid for their sleep. Pet’s bed should be soft and comfortable for better nap. Place their bed inside your house in extreme weather.

4 Best way to make your pet happy

Pets are really facile to please. They love to stay engage in games and want your attention. After a very challenging day you need a break.

  1. To get rid of all the stress you can play with your pet. Games that can be played with them includes hide and seek, football, they also like to run behind to get to you.
  2. They love it when someone pats on their skin. Patting them is the easiest thing you can do to your pet to relax them. Patting on pet’s back release their hormones, that lower their heart rate and blood pressure.
  3. Cats like to play with balls. They use to roll them on the surface. And dogs like to bring the thing to us that we throw faraway. It is their beloved activity.
  4. Most dear activity of today’s pet is to take them with you on a walk. Where they get to know the environment around them. Morning and evening walk is also essential for their health and food digestion.

Benefits of having pets for children

Pets are Quaker to us. Having pets is the best way to keep kids engaged in some activity. A dog is a faithful animal. Kids are in their defense when we leave for work. They usually protect from any kind of onlooker assault. Dogs are the prime example of such protection. They are also prudent of your property and house when you are not at home. Kids consider them their friends and they also like to play with them. But make sure that kids and pets are playing at the safe place because there are some kind of grasses which are not suitable for their paws. The surface should be clean and needle free. So that there is no chance of injury. In case of any queasiness take your pet to the vet.

Showing off your love to your pet with Vivi pin

The best way to show your love to pet is to buy them their pet belt with a lapel pin. You can create any kind of design or logo according to your pet. These pegs are also present in the form of paws of every animal. They are available for cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, puppy, guinea pigs, hamster and kitten and many more. These pegs are in numerous size, colors, and shapes. Their quality material being best is irresistible. Most of the people love to bring their pet to fashion show for exhibition. This increases the confident and gives them a better look. Finest pet for exhibition purpose is kitten and puppy. Where they use a different kind of pug and spikes to promote their pets. Majority people order online pet pins at and they like to get their pegs as soon as possible. Because of the best price and shipping services that are readily available to use.

5 Useful clues to understand your dog better

Here are some useful methods to get familiar to your dog.

  1. When the dog is wagging his tail slowly, it means that he didn’t understand what is going on around him. While when he is waging his tail rapidly, it means that he is trying to know about the environment.
  2. When his tail is raised, its giving a sign of alert. While when his tail is lowered, he is afraid or scared. The condition could be that he is not familiar to the people around him or maybe he is scared because of any kind of rude behavior.
  3. Ears play an important role in understanding. When the ears of your dog are raised, it means that you are in charge or he is understanding what the owner is saying him to do. But if the ears are lowered it means that he is upset.
  4. When dog yawns it means that he is confused or feeling danger. It also means that he wants to sleep or he really loves you. It is a kind of love gesture by dog.
  5. When dog opens his mouth and shows off his teeth it means that his feeling insecure about his fool or there is a sign of crime. He can also bark in such condition to make himself secure.