How to Find a Top of the Line Cleaning Agency for your Home?

Cleaning homes is a tough job! You have to worry about so many aspects for different areas, from windows to carpets, from ceilings to floors (and everything in between)! Oh, not to forget the upholstery and mattresses or curtains and blinds. It is a mountain of work BUT a professional cleaner can do this entire lot plus more. We understand there are priorities in life like health, family, work, holidays and quality downtime for entertainment. By allowing us to formulate a cleaning schedule for a weekly or fortnightly clean you can then enjoy the priorities that you so deservedly need. Our attention to detail has been well documented..

How do you find a Top-Grade Home Cleaning Agency?

To maintain a clean home or office is difficult because we are all time poor due to work commitments and we are too tired when we get home to do anything but relax. Why not call a cleaning company representative to come and see you to discuss a cleaning schedule and a program for a particular time and date to clean your premises. Look for these indicators to select a company that will be able to offer you peace of mind:

1. Referrals: Your best source of receiving honest information for a cleaning company is through family or friends. Why not ask your cleaning company if you can ring one or two clients for a review.

2. Online Reviews: Unfortunately not all reviews are worth your trust. No company can have all good reviews. It might have a mix of good and bad ones but look for the ones that have a high positive review. Of course, if the company does not value the customer experience, then it will have all bad reviews. Having said that, look for a website with maximum good reviews (a few bad ones do not matter). Remember that not all clients are saints. They might have some small experience that they have blown out of proportion with their review. Maximum good ones are the sign of trustworthiness and high-quality service.

3. Insurance: Is the company insured with Public Liability Insurance? This should be a major concern for you! A worker could get injured while cleaning windows on a high rise or might drop and break something in your home or damage furniture because they used the wrong chemical to clean it. Do you really want to handle the cost of such injuries, damage and other issues? So, ask around or have a look at the website to see if the cleaning agency has insurance.

4. Experience: Experience will tell you two things:

  • The longer they have been in commercial cleaning in Adelaide, the more problems they have handled and the more tricks they have up their sleeve. So, if an issue does arise during your cleaning schedule they will be able to handle it because of their experience.
  • The cleaning industry is very competitive, so if the company has been able to offer high grade cleaning services and stayed in the top rankings for so long, then they have loyal customers. This means that they have gained the confidence of their client to continue servicing their premises. The longer you have been in the industry the more credibility you should have.

5. Skilled Cleaners: Make sure that the team of cleaners hired by the cleaning company is skilled and you should be able to ask the company for how long has the cleaner been with you. Most companies hire unskilled personnel to improve their own profits. Ask how long the cleaner has been trained, how many houses the cleaner cleans a week, will they use their own chemicals and equipment.

6. Other:

  • make sure the cleaner has a police clearance
  • Am I allowed to change frequency of clean or date and time?
  • Ask the company approximately how many staff or clients they have. Though this can be confidential the company can at least give you an estimate. A lot of clients and cleaners is a good indicator that the company is doing the right job.
  • Are the cleaners working legally in Australia?