How to Create a Timeless Living Room in Four Steps

The living room is undoubtedly the central point of our home and says a lot our home or our taste of style. While most homeowners would want a timeless living room design, most don’t know how to come with a timeless design and will always redecorate it with time. When deciding on the interior design, it’s crucial to consider a timeless design as it will stay fresh and relevant for a long time to come and therefore you won’t need to keep on redesigning your home. You can easily achieve a timeless living room design by some few smart choices that will ensure your design remains relevant and enduring.

1. Ignore Design Trends

When wanting to create a timeless design, you may want to stay away from trends. Trends are known not to last for more than a few years, as they tend to be exhausted within a very short time. Whether vibrant colors, catchy lighting, jewel tones or floral wallpapers, trends become outdated within a short time making your living room appear dull. When creating a timeless living room design, you, therefore, should stay away from the latest interior design crazes. Instead, you can use neutral colors coupled with vogue accessories to style your living room. Nonetheless, if you’re a sucker for trends and you must go by the prevailing trend, you can experiment with trends in small potions. For instance, you can change your pillows and throws to a trendy color instead of painting the entire living room. A timeless design should appear small and subtle instead of being overly dependent on trends.

2. Use Classic Patterns

Classic patterns such as damasks, botanical stripes, and plaids make your living room appear timeless. While trendy prints such as chevrons, animal prints, and sharp geometry appear beautiful in your living room, they cannot stand the test of time and will easily deter the appearance of the living room with time. When adding classic colors to your interior design, you would want to distribute the patterns evenly throughout the living space. The space would appear unbalanced when the majority of the colors are placed on one side of the room. Additionally, the colors should blend perfectly without necessarily clashing each other. Also, make sure to use different scales of all the three classic patterns to achieve the best contrast. For instance, you can try one large, one medium and one small or one large and two different medium depending on your style and test.

3. Bear in Mind Symmetry

A timeless living room design would be impossible without symmetry. The human eye is quick to recognize symmetry as well as balance; therefore, it will always be pleasant to look at for a long time to come even with changing interior designs. You can easily achieve symmetry by matching items in your living room to create matching halves that constitute the entire living space. However, you don’t have to pair up everything in the room, as it would disrupt the focal point. For instance, you can choose to match your furniture-the living room would appear fantastic and timeless if your coffee table, TV stand, and any other furniture such as the bookshelf are made from the same material. You can also choose to place matching vases, lamps or whatever accessories on either side of the room to create a mirror image of the items. Symmetrical rooms naturally create a sense of balance, which is timeless.

4. Hide the Technology

If you are looking to create a timeless living room, you would want to hide your technology. This is because many appliances such as stereos, speakers, game consoles, and televisions become obsolete within a short time. The television along with the aerial is certainly the hardest appliance to hide particularly because it needs to be visible and is actually focal points. Nonetheless, aerial force can still camouflage your aerial and TV, ensuring that your room appears timeless and classic.

To conclude, a timeless living room design would stand the test of time, ensuring that you don’t have to revamp your interior design with changing design trends. It is possible to create a timeless living room regardless of your preference when it comes to color or taste, so long as you follow the tips below. How to Create a Timeless Living room in Four Steps