How to Clean and Make your House Ready Before the Wedding Ceremony?

5 Tips To Prepare Your Home Before Your Wedding

Wedding ceremonies are some of the most exciting events in life! It’s a reunion with loved ones, with cakes, flowers, dressing up, all of the works. Making your house ready for all wedding-related activities is no easy task. But when it comes to house cleaning Austin Texas has some of the best services you could imagine!

Since you are hosting guests for pre-wedding activities, even the ceremony and reception itself, your house should be in tip top shape. We’ll list down five easy ways to make your house ready for a seamless wedding!

5 Tips To Prepare Your Home Before Your Wedding

A lot goes on before and during weddings! Your home should be prepared for what’s to come and you will want to put your best foot forward for all your guests.

Here are five simple ways to set up your home before the big wedding ceremony.

#1. Clean and organize your home..

First and foremost, your home – especially the common areas like the dining and kitchen – should be organized. You should be able to focus on wedding preparations in a cozy home instead of a dirty one. If you have company arriving in the days before the ceremony, do a quick sweep before and after they leave. This keeps from clutter (and dishes) piling up before your big day! Plus, the few minutes of clean up time allows you silence and relaxation amidst all your other tasks.

#2. Rent new items vs. buying them.


You will likely need extra items to accommodate your guests. Renting items like dinnerware, wine glasses, tents, decorations, etc., is much better than buying them. There are many rentals available and you can even pick the items that match your theme! This way, you don’t have to worry about shelling out a lot of money last minute and then storing all the new items after.

#3. Keep it spacious and ambient.


Weddings can be stressful, so keep your home as spacious and relaxing as possible. Move the bulky furniture and fragile decorations out of the way. You can even opt to bring in items like plants and flowers for a cozy ambience for your guests. Aromatherapy will help – so bring in scented candles or essential oils for ultimate comfort. Even you will benefit from the relaxing atmosphere this will create!

#4. Have ready-to-eat food.

Worrying about what to eat during the week of your wedding should be the last thing on your mind. Before your guests arrive, plan out easy meals and snacks. You can even opt to cook meals ahead of time and just heat them as needed. Prepare healthy snacks for you and your guests too because you will all need the nutrition and energy.

#5. Store your valuables away.

Lastly, keep your valuables away. This includes photo albums, jewelry, shoes, awards, etc. Logistics can be hectic during weddings and there will be many people going in and out of the house, like photographers for instance. To avoid any sort of accidents, store your valuables in a room that people won’t use during the entire ceremony.

When it comes to house cleaning Austin has great options for cleaning services! You can also choose to outsource a cleaning company to take care of preparing your home for you before your special day.