Garden Sheds and Tips On How To Select One For Your Needs

When you’re into gardening, one of your essentials is a garden shed. It’s where you stash your tools, equipment, and even do your hobbies or DIY projects. Not only will the garden shed become your storage, but it’ll also give you space where you can escape and enjoy your coffee.

If you haven’t bought a garden shed yet, here are some things you need to keep in mind when selecting one:

1.Type of Material

Type of Material

Garden sheds offer different materials you can choose from depending on your liking. Each material used for the shed has its pros and cons. Here are different types of shed materials to help you decide:

  • Plastic Shed – Due to its easy assembly and maintenance, plastic sheds are famous among homeowners even when it’s the newest in the market. However, it’s not as stylish compared to other sheds. If you want simplicity, then a plastic shed is right for you.
  • Metal Shed – This needs little maintenance after its installation. It doesn’t warp or swell in cold or warm weather, and can withstand severe weather. For cleaning, you can hose it down quickly. Although not the prettiest, most metal sheds are now rust-resistant and also resist rodents and bugs.
  • Wooden Shed – This can blend into your garden as you can paint it the way you want to. However, you must conduct an annual repainting for its treatment. Wooden sheds are suitable for storing seeds because they’re not vulnerable to condensation.

2.Shed Style

Shed Style
To make your garden more pleasant, choose the style that you desire. Not only will it add beauty to your garden, but it can also make your shed investment worth it. There are a lot of shed styles out there, so consider the purpose of your shed, too.

Here are common shed styles you can consider:

  • Dutch Barn – You can include a loft in this barn-style roof since it can be outfitted easily. Also, it provides extra headroom and storage space.
  • Cottage Storage Building – If you have workshops, this will suit you. It can even be used as a garage and storage for hunting equipment.
  • Quaker Shed – Great for your storage as it has a 1 foot overhang, lower back side, and higher front of its offset roof.
  • Victorian Shed – Could also be used as a workshop, home office, or storage. Also, it has an appeal and an additional style to beautify your garden.
  • A-frame Shed – If you have equipment and gears such as a bike, this style suits you since it has a lot of height.
  • Mini Barn – Great storage for motorcycles, bikes, lawn mowers, and other larger equipment.

3.Size of Shed

Size of Shed
When choosing the size of your shed, consider the width of your garden and its purpose. Whether your shed will only be used for storage or other purposes, the things you’ll store in it will also affect the shed’s size.

  • If you’re planning to store some household clutter and gardening tools, an average of 6′ x 4′ may be enough.
  • When you need storage for your bicycle other larger items, or equipment such as a lawnmower, then prefer a bigger shed size of 8′ x 6′.
  • When you plan to make your shed a working area for your hobbies or DIYs, then opt for a 10′ x 10′ or larger shed size.
  • When you have more space in your garden, then have a larger shed than opting for a little space.

To help you figure out the suitable shed size for your garden, follow these measuring tips:

  • The area where you plan to erect your shed must be measured appropriately so you won’t buy a shed that’s too large.
  • Measure the space for the door opening and your shed roof’s overhang.
  • Leave a space on all sides of your shed when measuring the area. It’s necessary to have a space to walk around for access and maintenance purposes.

4.Shed Installation

Shed Installation
When you’re done selecting the best garden shed, consider its installation process. Whether you want a DIY or professional installation is crucial to erecting a sturdy shed. A DIY setup is less expensive but must only be applicable to easy-to-install sheds. But when your shed requires a more complicated installation process, it’s better to hire a professional service.

If you’re not an expert in installing a shed, hire installation services to keep your sheds properly erected. Also, some stores that sell prefabricated sheds offer installation for a minimal cost or even for free.


Whether you’re a garden enthusiast or not, buying the right type of garden shed will help you store the necessary things you need to keep. Especially when gardening is not just your hobby, your seeds need to be stored in an appropriate shed for longer lasting. Also, consider your garden space as a shed can either beautify your garden or cramp it out.