Five Stylish Decors for Your Basement Makeover

Homes with basements have dozens of opportunities to turn this extra space into something more functional than an ordinary dumping site for all the things that are no longer in use. Some transform their basements, especially if they’re someone who always entertains guests. Others turn it into an entertainment room where their family can bond over movies and games.

If you’re using your basement for this purpose, then you may have thought of designs and decors that can give it a stylish edge. Here are some ideas for your basement makeover.

Wine Cellar


Give a twist to your game-room retreat or entertainment abode in the basement by adding a wine bar. Putting a wine cellar will both fulfill its purpose and serve as decoration. You can go for a cozy wine cellar where you can sit back and sip your wine.

You can also turn your basement into a wine oasis, covering the walls with wine racks. Others fashion wine racks in the ceiling too.

Wall-Color Pallette

Usually, walls take a back seat when we get caught up fussing over fabrics, furniture, and accessories. But walls can impact the way the room can transform and give it the atmosphere it will take on after the makeover.

Will it be warm and cozy? Cool and sophisticated? The classic black-and-white? Wall-color palette matters. A richly patterned wallpaper can make the basement room dazzling, and vibrant hues bring it to life.

Some of the 2018 trends put emphasis on the cross between minimalism and maximalism, where most of the wall follows a neutral tone but with a fun and bold centerpiece that draws the eyes.

Statement Pieces

Incorporating a statement piece in your basement can give it a refreshing look. An eye-catching furniture piece of velvet love seat in ultraviolet may seem too bold against a backdrop of muted tones, but you can make it work. Adding a statement piece allows your playful side to shine through. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and let your creativity thrive.

All about Tiles

No matter what kind of room you turn your basement into, it always helps to include a bathroom in it. If you think this is extremely hard with too many considerations, like plumbing works, then you can pick upflush toilets like Saniflo, which will not require you to do major reconstruction to install the unit.

Having taken care of that, picking tiles for your bathroom floor and walls can then take up a lot of time and mulling over. Rock your bathroom makeover with subtle geometric-pattern effect. Pairing jade-green tiles with blue can achieve this splendidly.

Play with quirky splatter by making them clash with classically striped tiles. You can never go wrong with white, of course, especially if you pair it with a navy-blue motif. The white walls will bring more light, and the navy-blue shade can give it a classic twist.

It’s in the Lights

From the stairs to the ceiling and bedside, using basement lights strategically can make an amazing difference on your basement space. Basements need it the most because of their limited access to natural light.

Setting up a pendant or two over the bar can do wonders, and so can lights on a wall that can highlight an artwork. There’s also the trick of making the room seem bigger by putting a monorail suspended on the ceiling, with its light beams pointed at different features.

Be Creative

There are many more decors that you can integrate into your bedroom, depending on what type of room you’d want to transform it into. You only need your creativity and sense of fun to come through in order to turn your basement makeover into an experience you won’t forget. Let it be your very own personal canvas.