Easy Home Decor Ideas That Save Your Time and Energy!

Nowhere is as perfect as your home when it comes to comfortability. Home is a safe space for you to express yourself freely, so don’t be afraid to hang up your favorite artist’s poster or your favorite films, you can even show off your memorable moments on the walls. Whatever you want to do, this is your space, and you can do it your way.

Decorating is a great way to make your living space more lively. Let’s read this article to see what kind of tips and tricks you can learn to beautify your home!

A beautiful home can be more than just its appearance. When people come back home, they would like to feel inspired and energized by their living space’s atmosphere. But how can a person feel this way when their home is dull and lifeless. For that, we’re writing this article to provide you some easy tips and bring some joy into your home.

Why is home decorating fun?

Bring out your creativity

Feel free to express yourself!

Feel free to express yourself!

Nowhere is as perfect as your home when it comes to comfortability. Home is a safe space for you to express yourself freely, so don’t be afraid to hang up your favorite artist’s poster or your favorite films, you can even show off your memorable moments on the walls. Whatever you want to do, this is your space, and you can do it your way.

Make a worthwhile living space.

A safe space of your own
A safe space of your own

After a long and tiring day, people want to return to a place where they can feel comfortable and relaxed. That’s where decoration comes in. It brings beauty into your home, and in some cases, a bit of changeup can even be necessary and useful, for example, getting new furniture.

Have something to impress visitors

Show people who you are with your home
Show people who you are with your home

It is without saying that a home can say a lot about its owner. When you invite people over, whether they are acquaintances or strangers, people will often judge you by your home’s look. After all, it is sort of like letting people into your world. Hence, a lovely home will always make a good first impression.

The downsides of home decoration


This is one of the main problems that discourage people from getting more creative with their home. If you don’t have any basic knowledge of home design, doing any home renovation might intimidate you at first.

It is simply because you don’t know where to start or which tool to use. Homeowners are afraid that if they don’t do things correctly, the outcome would be unsatisfying. Thus, the much-expected home project turns into a waste of time.

Takes a lot of effort

Let’s be honest, as fun as it is, home decorating can also be tiring. When renovating a home, you have to consider so many things.

If you’re living all by yourself, you need to think about whether the vision for your home is practical or not, can you add or remove something without messing up your house’s foundation? It may take a while for your project to finish depending on how long the procedure is going to take.

In case you have roommates or a family, it can even be more complicated since you have to cooperate with others’ ideas to keep harmony among the people living together.

Not very budget-friendly

Now, if you don’t want any of the hassles we mentioned before, you have to be willing to spend quite an amount of money for your desired dream home.

Not only do you have to buy new furnishings but you also need to spend quite an amount of money on hiring professionals. Both these things combined would be too expensive for someone with an average income.

How to make the best of your home

We want readers to know that home decoration is usually more work than play from what we mentioned above. However, it is not our intention to discourage you from this creative activity.
We’d like to show you that there are cheaper and more accessible alternatives if you want to bring some new air into your home.

Recycling items

For any decorating idea, recycling is always on top of that list, which we understand wholeheartedly. When you think about it, a decorating piece made from recycling items barely cost anything. Plus, they are super eco-friendly.

Instead of adding more litters to the landfills, you’re helping the environment by bringing new purpose to a used item. Here, we’ve prepared some useful ideas for you.

Tin cans are a popular material for containers of most products, so your home may be overloaded with them. Well, instead of throwing them away, you can upcycle them into colorful pen holders. You can decorate them however you like. The simplest way you can do is to paint onto the tin cans.

Painted tin can pencil holders
Painted tin can pencil holders

Another idea for you to try is to get some wool and glue. Wrap the yarn around tin cans in any pattern you like and there you have it, some cute pen holders for your usually dull working corner.

Yarn pencil holders
Yarn pencil holders

Utilize vertigo spaces

Shelves are highly recommended
Shelves are highly recommended

Instead of spreading your stuff around the surface, you can try to arrange them vertically. If your home has already had a shelf, try to organize nicely. And instead of buying a regular clothing hanger, install a wall hanger in your home. This thing takes up less space and the items you hang on will look less bulky.

This method is especially effective if you have a plain wall. It is because you don’t have to spend so much time and energy to repaint the walls, the “ornaments” on there would be good enough for display.

Multi-function clothing hanger

You may think this is some kind of fancy tool when actually, we’re just talking about your regular clothing hanger. Aside from hanging clothes, your clothing hanger can do so much more. If you have wire hangers, then consider yourself lucky because this material is very flexible.

An unique book rack
An unique book rack

For example, you bend a hanger in the shape displayed below to make a book racket. This one is so simple, all you need is a hanger and something to hang it on.

A creative entryway holder
A creative entryway holder

An unique book rack

Another way you can reuse a hanger is to make it into an entryway holder. You only need two nails and hang your hanger upside down. Now you have a place for your keys and small bags.

A picture hanger
A picture hanger

For wooden hangers, even though they are not as flexible as wire hangers, they can provide a nice aesthetic for your home. Get yourself two small strings, tie them to both ends of the hanger. Next, get a picture frame and tie the strings in the back. And that is a unique way to display your photos.

Repurpose old furniture

Old furniture is not as useless as people think it is. When something has aged and can no longer serve its original purpose, you can try these alternatives.

Some alternatives for old drawers
Some alternatives for old drawers

Suppose you have an old drawer. Don’t throw it away just yet. Take out the drawer compartment. Let’s repolish it or give it a nice layer of paint to hide the worn-out parts. Afterward, you can paint it or decorate the drawers however you like. Now you have a place to put your toys or books.

But if you don’t have kids, turn the drawers into wall shelves. All you need is to attach the bottom part of the drawer to the wall and that’s it, your own wall shelf.

Other things you can take notice

Get creative. Be resourceful

As we mentioned before, decorating is a good opportunity for you to explore your own creativity. Don’t be afraid to go for the aesthetic that you like, or reuse objects in ways that not many have thought of before.

Keep your home clean and tidy

This is our number one secret to having a nice home. No matter how good your design is, it will become faded if you don’t keep out the dust.

Only get the essentials.

If you’re thinking about buying a decoration, we might suggest you purchase something that has a more practical use. Notably, a pillow. This is because we use pillows very often, and they don’t take up much space.

Also, the pillows we’re about to show you are specially made for backaches. How useful is that! If you want to know more, see full article and select which one might be the perfect addition to your home.

Let the light comes in

What can we say it would be such a shame to hide your beautiful works in the dark.

Small plants are your best company

Having a mini garden will greatly enhance the appearance of your home and uplift the air-flow and bring some fresh air into your house.


There you have it, some tips and tricks that you can apply. With these renovations, we think that you might have the motivation to upgrade your home. It is not as hard as you think it would be, right? If you have kids, some of these ideas would be perfect for a craft session. We hope that our advice will come in handy. Good luck!