Easy Decorating Tips That Will Help You Sell Your Home Fast

You can get a significant price for your home by simply decorating it. Everyone creates a perfect ambience in their houses to suit their personality and lifestyle. However, when it comes to showcasing your property to prospective buyers, you need to think about appealing to a broader market. If you want your home to attract serious buyers, it should be buyer-ready. Potential buyers should picture themselves living in the house. Here are a few decorating tips to help you sell your house fast:

Declutter and Tuck Away Photos


The importance of staging is to ensure the buyer visualises the house as theirs. Therefore, you need to set a blank canvas. While you may want it to retain its style and charm, your home should be devoid of personal items. Start with emptying your closets and removing any framed photographs in the kitchen and living room. Removing photos from walls and surfaces makes your house appeal to a broader demographic. While you can keep wall paintings to make the space classy, they should not be overly personal. You should also clear every room and store away your valuables in a storage unit.

Make the Entrance Appealing

Before you think about making a sale, you need to get potential buyers through the door. It would be best if you improved the curb appeal to attract buyers to the house. Start by upgrading your front door or repainting it and changing the hardware. You can also use the front lawn to attract the buyers. Trim the trees and weed the flowers for the compound to look neat. If your front porch is visible front the street, invest in cosy porch furniture.

Use a Neutral Colour Palette


If you plan to paint the house before sale, keep the colour neutral. A great place to start is black and white or beige. White or grey tends to appeal to everyone. Besides, it gives a prospective buyer a blank canvas that they can style according to their personality. If you want to add some bold colours, you can have a feature wall in the living room.

Alternatively, you can use pop colours in pillows, paintings, or rugs. Apart from the colour, ensure your home has a cohesive style. Avoid staunch differences between rooms, and the house will look classy.

Use Lighting Wisely

Proper lighting enhances the ambience and makes the space warm and inviting. Consider adding feature lamps to the living room and bedrooms. You can also use pendant lights to decorate rooms. Remember to open the blinds during viewings to ensure the rooms are well lit. Darkness makes a home look small and uninviting. Therefore, decorative lights will help to sell your house fast.

Have Flowers and Plants


You need to add items that give life and freshness into the room. Flowers and houseplants can achieve that without diminishing the perceived value of the property. You can place the flowers on the dining table or the living room. Ensure the vases are attractive to enhance the look of the flowers. If you already have houseplants, ensure they look fresh, not withering or dying. You can get new ones and place them in strategic corners to breathe life into the rooms. Alternatively, you can buy fake flowers or rent some for the viewings.

For the flowers and plants to have the desired effect, avoid cluttering them in one corner.

Another aspect of freshness is ensuring there are no odours in the house. While deep cleaning usually ensures there are no lingering smells, you can use scented plug-ins to keep the house fragrant.

When decorating your home, you do not need to spend lots of money; often, small changes can make a significant impact on the look of the house. With a little effort, you can impress potential buyers.