Different Healthier Ways to Use Marijuana without Smoking It

Cannabis is the new buzzword in the streets of many developed countries today. With the legalization of medical cannabis in many countries of the world, the use of marijuana has spiked significantly. More and more people are now to turning to marijuana for medical as well as recreational needs. However, there is still a lot of doubt and confusion regarding the effects of this drug on the body and on various diseases. According to studies, smoking marijuana is more harmful than consuming it in other ways. This is why more and more people are now looking for alternative ways to use marijuana that don’t involve smoking.

Fortunately, there are many different ways of using weed that do not involve smoking. These methods make it easier to enjoy the many benefits of marijuana without any side effects to the body.

Why Smoking is Harmful?

Why Smoking is Harmful

But, is smoking weed really harmful? And why exactly is it so dangerous? As we’re all aware, smoking tobacco has many adverse effects on the body, some of them potentially fatal like lung cancer. While smoking marijuana is not quite as harmful as smoking tobacco, it can still have some adverse effects on the body. Like tobacco, marijuana smoke also contains harmful chemicals and carcinogens that can cause cancer and other respiratory diseases. Hence, it is advisable to avoid smoking marijuana, and instead, consume it in a different way. So, if you can’t smoke weed, how else can you consume it? Are there any other ways to consume marijuana that are actually healthier and safer? Here are different healthier ways to use marijuana without smoking it.


Vaporizing or vaping is perhaps the safest way of inhaling marijuana and enjoying its relaxing effects without creating any toxic smoke that can harm the body. A vaporizer uses cbd oils that are full of cannabinoids to produce vapors. It heats the oils to produce airborne vapors. These vapors do not contain any harmful chemicals, carcinogens, or other chemical irritants that you would inhale when smoking weed. Plus, it also doesn’t smell as much as some other methods of weed ingestion do. All you need is a good vaporizer and essential oil. Some reputed vendors like thepotshop.cc have a good stock of high quality vaporizers and cbd oils for the same.

Tea Blends

Marijuana tea is one of the easiest and simplest of ways to ingest weed without having any harmful effects on the body. It is the best way to ingest weed without having any adverse effects or inhaling any harmful chemicals. When making marijuana tea, you can use many different methods of extraction. The simplest way to make tea is to steep the herbs in hot water like you do with any other tea leaves. In this method, the herbs do not release any THC into the tea. Another good option is adding some other cannabis products like cannabutter to your tea to enhance its effects.

Marijuana Edibles

Both smoking and vaping weed can be harmful to your lung health. As an alternative, you can ingest cannabis directly through edibles. Eating food infused with cannabis is one of the safest ways to consume weed. While the effects of ingesting weed are more pronounced, it may take longer for them to kick in. This is because in direct ingestion, the weed has to clear your digestive system before getting into your bloodstream as compared to smoking and vaping where it enters the blood quickly through lungs. However, these effects last for a longer time. Plus, you have more variety of flavors and food to choose from!
Marijuana Edibles

Topical Applications

If you’re among those who want the therapeutic benefits of cannabis but don’t want it to affect your cerebral system in any way, topical application is the best option for you. Topical cannabis products like creams, balms, patches, oils, etc. can be applied to the skin directly. They are primarily used for localized pain relief and skin care. The chemical compounds in cannabis can affect the receptors in skin to get direct access without affecting the brain or entering the bloodstream. Thus, these products do not produce any high. They simply provide therapeutic benefits or pain and inflammation relief.

Marijuana Tinctures

Another currently popular method of consuming weed is through marijuana tinctures. Tinctures are made by extracting the goodness of cannabis using alcohol and whole cannabis plants. These tinctures are ingested orally, usually by placing several drops of the liquid under the tongue. This helps the liquid to get absorbed into the arterial system quickly and produce effects faster. You can also add it to teas and other beverages. Tinctures often have many therapeutic benefits of cannabis with limited psychoactive effects due to the way they are prepared.

These alternative methods of consuming marijuana are effective and popular because they don’t involve any harmful smoke, carcinogens, or chemical compounds. But more than that, they also offer many safer and healthier ways to use weed. You can explore these methods to decide what works best for you.