Designer Tips to Make Your House Look like Inspired by the Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is still considered one of the best books in the universal literature. People still read it today, and they are impressed by the opulence of Jay Gatsby. In this book, the objects that show the characters’ wealth have a central role, and it is understandable why the focus is on Gatsby’s house that is giant considering its description. The readers discover the house from the first chapter of the book, when Nick describes it. He states that the property is colossal and it was designed like an imitation of a hotel from Normandy. Readers love Gatsby as a character, but they love its opulence more, and they long to live his life. And you get to love him for his house, because it leaves you breathless, especially if we are referring to the one from Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie.

Even nowadays people are still in love with the 1920s real estate style. If you want to live in a house that resembles the one the Great Gatsby had, then you should start checking what the most important Art Deco style features are, and how you can recreate them. It has to be opulent, overwhelming and to sparkle both indoors and outdoors.

What Art Deco style implies?

What Art Deco style implies

This style was born in Paris between the two World Wars, and it slowly became quite popular in the United States. It influenced various fields of art, from fashion to painting, and architecture. It has features that are still used nowadays when decorating houses. It is characterised by chessboard shapes, geometric lines, and the use of materials like stainless steel, wood and aluminium. Its purpose was to focus on excesses, and to counteract the austerity of the other styles. If you need an example in the fashion industry, you should check the collections of Vivienne Westwood, because she uses it as a source of inspiration. Actually, she loves this style so much she even decorated her house this way.

If you want your house to look like the one of Gatsby, then you should be ready to start searching for glamorous and nonconformist items.

Include ethnic features in the design of the house

Include ethnic features in the design of the house
During the 1920s, travelling was a popular activity among rich people. And in order to demonstrate their friends that they were visiting certain places, they bought different decorations from the places they have seen. In the majority of cases, they used ethnic decorations from Egypt and Africa, because there were expensive destinations. If you want to integrate an ethnic feature in the design of your house, then you should bring home furniture items and souvenirs from the places you visit, the more exotic they are the better.

All surfaces should be polished

Art Deco is famous for how the surfaces used to decorate the space are shining. It does not matter if the furniture items are made from wood, marble, or metal, they have to be laminated, lacquered, and polished to reflect light. All the items in your house should dazzle, and shine, glitter is the key word when trying to describe the way they look. When choosing the furniture items, it is important to arrange them according to the rule of parsimony, mix and match them with different textures.

Use wood to furnish the space

Use wood to furnish the space
When you select your furniture items, you should select the ones that have sinuous lines and soft shapes. When it comes to wood furniture items the material is important and not the item, because it has to stand out. If you find articles made from teak or ebony, you should definitely purchase them. But, you should not use more than one large item in a single room, because all focus should be on it. Look for vintage furniture elements, because they offer a sophisticated touch to the space.

Install a visible house sign

house sign
Signing still remains one of the most successful ways to identify a building. House signs differ according to the region where your house is located, but if you want your house to reflect opulence, you should choose something unique. Signomatic recommends homeowners to display their house signs or house numbers in a place where people can clearly see them. A house sign offers your home a distinctive look, and it enhances its style.

Black and white features

Black and white features
Black and white should be the main hues used when decorating your house. The contrast between these two is so strong; it helps you enhance the part of the space you want. Also, their combination is timeless and sophisticated, and you will not have to worry if it will match the future trends.

Include geometric patterns

The small accessories you use when decorating your house will make the difference, and will help you create an exquisite image. Therefore, you should pay attention to the details these items feature. You should choose the textiles and pillows that have geometric patterns like rays, circles, zigzag shapes and lines. You can even use a wall tappet with a geometric pattern.

Decorate with mirrors

Art Deco style counts on one aspect, there should be mirrors placed everywhere to reflect your opulence and luxury. You should hang mirrors on the walls, place mirrors on the ceilings, and use them as part of the furniture items. If they are featuring an interesting model, and come in interesting shapes then they have to be placed somewhere where they can be easily seen. If you install them in the right corners of the house, you can add depth to the rooms and make them look larger.

Use fabulous fabrics

Use fabulous fabrics
The fabrics you use should add a soft layer to your house; therefore, you should choose luxurious fabrics like velvet, cashmere, silk and satin. If your furniture items are made from tufted fabrics, they will have a rick appeal. Satin and silk should be used for beddings, because they add elegance and sophistication to a space. The windows should be embellished with luxurious treatments in luscious whites and creams. Let them cascading down, because they will frame the windows beautifully.