Decorating For A Pirate Themed Party

Whether it’s your kids having a party with pirate costumes, or you and a group of friends, the costumes are not the only important thing. If you are going to have a pirate themed party, you definitely need to decorate accordingly.

It’s not going to feel right if the place isn’t made to look pirate related. It’s just going to look like a bunch of awkward 16th-century pirates mingling in a 21st century home. So, how can you decorate properly for a pirate themed party?

1. Ships

Ok, so we all know that pirates go hand in hand with their pirate ships. If you have ever seen Pirates of the Caribbean, you know what we are talking about. You can’t have a pirate without his or her pirate ship. One of the most popular ideas here is to set up tables that feature little masts and sails. While it might not be exactly the real thing, if you do a good job of recreating the sails and the feeling of it, people will know exactly what is going on. Just don’t forget those classic skull and crossbones that pirate flags show off. Pirate costumes need pirate ships!

2. Skull & Crossbones

Yes, we have already mentioned the skull and crossbones once, but when it comes to pirate costumes and pirate themed parties, you really can’t get enough of them. Hang up some flags with skulls and crossbones, get cups with them on it, and plaster some of them onto your costume. There is really no better way to let people know that you are having a pirate themed party than with some good ole skulls and crossbones. You can even bake a cake or make cookies with skulls and crossbones on them. Pirates get hungry after a long day of looting!

3. Treasure & Parrots

A pirate party with pirate costumes is fine and all, but there is more to it than just that. What do you think of when you hear about pirates? Most people think of a little parrot sitting on the pirate’s shoulder. Most would probably also think about big treasure chests full of gold and silver. While you don’t need to go out and buy real birds and chests full of treasure, having something at the party to recreate the feel is definitely mandatory. Some toy parrots, maybe even talking ones, plus some old-timey looking chests filled with costume jewelry should do the trick.

4. Pirate Costumes

Of course, the decorations alone are not going to complete the party. Everybody needs to actually look like a pirate. Pirate costumes are plenty in number and in style as you can see right here. One of the most popular ones is, of course, the beloved Captain Jack Sparrow, more than adequately portrayed by Johnny Depp. Dress up like Captain Jack and you will undoubtedly be the hit of the party. To complete the ensemble, you are going to need lots of rum! Kids and adults alike always have fun dressing up like this goofy fictional pirate.

Pirate Themed Party Decoration Tips – Final Thoughts

Decorating for a pirate themed party might seem a little intimidating, which it definitely can be. However, with some skulls, crossbones, some ship related deco, and of course, the right pirate costumes, everyone will have a blast and feel like they’re about to go on a pirate style treasure hunt!