Decorate Your Terrace With Flower Boxes: 5 Tips

A simple and fun way to decorate your terrace is to place flower boxes. This allows you to create more greenery around you, even if you only have a balcony. By combining several types and shapes a playful effect is created. In this article we will show you which shapes, sizes and materials are available.

1. The size

If you are talking about how big your planter has to be, then you can follow a rule of thumb. In general, the flower box should be 5 centimetres larger than the pot in which the plant sits. It is also wise to delve a little deeper into the plant, because how deep do the roots come and how high can the species grow? While Hydrangeas, for example, stay low and in a small container, bamboo can grow quite high. What is also important for this part: how much space do you have? A large flower box for under your veranda, for example, sounds nice, but does it fit?

Decorate your terrace with flower boxes2

2. The shape

Flower boxes come in many shapes. Popular are square, rectangular and columnar bins. But you also have round, octagonal, L-shaped variants. If you want to reach a little deeper into the pouch, you can look for separate designs. For example, you have planters in the form of river boulders, Tetris blocks and a human head. With these different shapes you can create a real eye-catcher for your garden or verandas. Another option is to work with concrete retaining walls, with which you demarcate part of your terrace, such as with glass sliding doors.

3. The material

Flower boxes are available in a variety of materials. For example, you can choose from wood, concrete, plastic, natural stone, reed and steel. It might be a good idea to ask yourself how often you want to move a flower box. For example, the weight of a concrete version can quickly increase, which may be advisable if you want to decorate your front garden with planters. Thieves will quickly leave a tedious planter box in place, while they will take a lighter wooden planter box with them faster.

Decorate your terrace with flower boxes3

4. The colour

When it comes to colour, you can go in many directions. If you want to give your garden a modern look, many people choose the colour anthracite. A white flower box made of stone can also be attractive if you let nature take its course, so that the object eventually blends into its surroundings. Bright colours are particularly noticeable in plastic flower boxes.

5. Get to work yourself

You don’t necessarily have to go to a garden shop for an expensive planter, you can also get to work yourself. This way you can use an old bathtub as a flower box. How about worn-out car tyres that give you a nice tan and stack them on top of each other? An old fruit crate will do just as well, and you can even make something beautiful with empty wine or beer bottles. By placing the bottles in a circle around an inner container and holding it all together with cement, you actually have a flower box made of recycled glass.