Curtain Design Ideas 2020

Curtains are part of the home aesthetics, an important home decor item that also serves quite a few practical functions. It prevents the sunlight from entering the house and keeping our living spaces away from the glare of a glowing sun. A curtain also ensures privacy against prying eyes of the outsiders. With its colors, designs and texture, curtains act as an accent to the home decor. They fit into the space and style of a room or a window and often emphasize them. When deciding about the curtains, the design is the main criterion that changes for every room. However, curtains also witness new fashion trends, every season when designers bring fresh ideas for home and window decor.

The trends

Curtain makers London and leading designers such as Zenn Interiors have predicted that the curtain design trend in the new season would be inspired by minimalism and rejection of pomposity.

Curtains for living room

Curtain Design Ideas1

The living room is the face of your house; this is where a visitor has the first glimpse of your home. It has to be attractive and beautiful so it can inspire awe and enigma. The curtain design trends 2020 for living rooms will dwell on originality, elegance, and luxury. Trendy 3D curtain designs that sport drawings of animals, flowers, fruits are quite popular. These curtains introduce a bright accent, draw attention, and like to be admired.

Curtains for bedrooms

If the living room is the face of your house, the bedroom is an intimate space where you take rest and relax. Instead of accent, here the aim is coziness and comfort. For the bedroom, curtain designers recommend restrained classics in the new season that emphasize pleasant calm. This can be achieved by a combination of monophonic curtain and tulle, with tulle in airy light tones and floral print or abstraction patterns. Heavy curtains and tulle in darker tones can create a pleasant twilight that can offer relaxation even in the daytime. You can also choose to put a blackout lining over the curtains to make the bedroom completely dark even in the daytime.

Curtains for kitchen

Curtain Design Ideas2
The curtains for the kitchen deserves as much care and attention, if not more, as the living and bedrooms. Here, aesthetics, as well as practicality, need to be taken into account. The kitchen is one place in the home where most of the family members spend a considerable amount of time. So, the kitchen curtains should sport a cheerful look. But the practical side of the kitchen curtain is not so envious, with all the humidity and change in temperatures. It should be easily washable.

Curtain Makers London and leading curtain designer Zenn Interiors recommend Roman curtains for the kitchen in the new season of 2020. With cheerful color schemes and prints, these curtains bring a pleasant accent without being heavy. The preference goes to seasoned and concise curtains with only traces of ruffle, drapery, and decor.

Final thoughts

As mentioned above, the curtain designs recommended by leading designers for the new season in 2020 are inspired by minimalism. So, intricate designs, for the moment, are out and extremely simple takes the center stage. In simple designs, Scandinavian, Japanese, and Roman curtains are at the height of popularity. For creating a romantic atmosphere, French and Austrian curtains inspired by Provence themes are quite popular.