Best dog food for Goldendoodles

Same meal as your Rot or German Shepherd?

Take intelligence, couple it with smartness, mix the results with beauty, and add a bucket-full of friendliness, and what you have is a Goldendoodle. Think I’m exaggerating? A simple Google search of the name would return to you several mind-blowing photos of Goldendoodle Puppies, as well as reviews from people who have watched them up close.

Let’s now assume that after reading the reviews, you like what you saw and decided to bring a Goldendoodle into the family, what would you have him eat?

Same meal as your Rot or German Shepherd?

Oh, you’d be making a terrible mistake with that.

Doodles are a special breed of dog, with a delicate stomach structure. They have their own food that works for them, and below is a list of them.

At the pup stage: Best food for your Goldendoodle Pup

Nulo Freestyle dog food: for bones, coat, and teeth development

Nulo Freestyle dog food for bones, coat, and teeth development

At the pup stage, what your Goldendoodle needs is a perfect blend of low carb, extremely high-protein, and a decent amount of vitamins and minerals. Luckily for you, that’s what the Nulo Freestyle food line is all about. The Nulo Freestyle features a low carb and high meat ratio, with over 80% of its protein coming from animal protein.

The product also includes BC30 probiotics, which support a healthy gut and aids in digestion. In addition, Nulo also contains an additional nutritional component known as DHA (omega-3 fatty acid), which comes from real salmon and promotes and a shiny Goldendoodle coat, teeth, and gum health, and promotes normal stools.

Finally, Nulo Freestyle contains a rich dose of calcium and phosphorus, both of which are essential to the development of your dog’s skeletal system.

Royal Canin dry food: Specially designed for joints, bones, teeth, and immune system development

The aim of this food line is to create a food that supports a pup’s growth through its first year. By optimizing a diet through predicted Goldendoodle weight, Royal Canin is able to provide all the joint, weight, and dental nutrients needed for the pup to thrive until it clocks one year. The ingredients include a special mineral blend with vitamins and antioxidants that are easy for your puppy to digest. The prebiotics supports good digestive health and helps maintain optimal stool quality.
Royal Canin dry food Specially designed for joints, bones, teeth, and immune system development
Not only do the ingredients used in creating this food match the high energy need of a Goldendoodle puppy, but it also provides all the key nutrients needed during their growth phase.

3. Purina Pro Plan dry kibble food: for brain and vision development, as well as weight management

This is one of the food names most vets and breeder homes will recommend to you. And for good reasons! The Purina Pro Plan contains DHA sourced from omega-rich fish oil that supports vision and brain development in your puppy! In addition to this, it also contains a high amount of protein, sourced majorly from chicken, to aid growth and promote a lean muscle.
Purina Pro Plan dry kibble food for brain and vision development, as well as weight management
Finally, the Purina Pro Plan comes with a pack of additional nutrients that supports skin, immune system, digestive health, and weight management.

At the adult stage: Best food for an adult Goldendoodle

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets grain-free dry dog food: best for weight management

This is the perfect food for you if you’re one such owner who likes to change their dog’s food from time to time. Additionally, this food also comes in a multiplicity of varieties, which makes it the best option for doodles with pickiness and allergies.

So depending on what your Goldendoodle is allergic to, there is a massive variety in choices of Natural Balance for you to choose from for both your large and small-sized doodles.
Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets grain-free dry dog food best for weight management
Furthermore, most of the products from the Natural Balance line also have either potato or sweet potato, which are good non-grain options to have in your dog food.

Finally, the low-calorie preparation of this food makes it a great food option for those Goldendoodles who have put on too much weight.
Orijen High-Protein Grain-Free dry food: for increased metabolism and hyper-activity

With awesome ingredients, unrivaled food preparation methods, and ingredient sources that are confidently displayed on the bag, Orijen is certainly one of the names you want to buy for your doodle.

For a Goldendoodle, Orijin offers a high protein food that is meant for those active, working Goldendoodles that need the extra boost to get through a full day. While they do have a reduced-calorie option for less active dogs, they still have a high protein content that requires plenty of water to keep kidneys healthy and activity to put all that extra energy to good use. On top of that, it is a highly palatable food; the kibble even used as treats for some dogs with caloric stipulations.

Solid Gold Hund-N-Flocken Adult Dog Food: Coat support

For a Goldendoodle, it is just as important to keep the quality of the coat intact as it is to feel their belly with food. To this end, having a Solid Gold food around is a no-brainer.
Solid Gold Hund-N-Flocken Adult Dog Food
Solid Gold’s high-quality ingredients offer the omega fatty acids and nutrients that are vital to your dog’s coat nature and wellbeing.

The higher quality ingredients and nutrient-dense kibble also cause you to visit the bathroom less often, as stated in Solid Gold’s slogan:

The Proof Is In The Poop!