Why it is Important to Analyse How Much Electricity You Use Each Month

With the rising cost of electricity, it makes sense to analyse your consumption each month and make simple and necessary changes to your habits, which, in the long run will reduce the cost of your bill. Simple changes like switching off lights, not leaving technology on standby, insulating your home, air drying clothes and waiting until there is a full load before running the dishwasher etc. can all add up to an annual saving on your bill.

Then there is the impact on the environment. Electricity can come from renewable energy sources such as solar power or wind power and some people have fitted solar panels to their homes to take advantage of this. It is however for most, not an option that is financially viable. Most of our domestic electricity comes from non-renewable sources such as coal and oil. We commonly burn fossil fuels such as coal and oil to power the turbines that in turn create our electricity. Fuels such as these are limited in supply and there is the concern that one day they will no longer be available or that further extraction will be problematic, which is why we there is a move towards using more and more of the renewable sources to produce our electricity.

When fossil fuels are burned, gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide etc are routinely released, in quantity, into the Earth’s atmosphere. These gases then form a toxic cocktail in the atmosphere and can in turn wreak havoc on our environment.

Carbon Dioxide, for example, is the best known greenhouse gas. It is known as a greenhouse gas because it can trap heat in the Earth’s atmosphere and in turn raise the temperature of the land and of the sea, hence contributing to climate change. Carbon Dioxide is not the only greenhouse gas emitted.

The Nitrogen Oxide gases can combine with elements in the atmosphere to form acid rain and smog. The acid rain can be damaging to plants, fish and animals and it alters the balance of nutrients within the soil.

In summary, the burning of fossil fuels in our environment is already having an effect on our environment and as we use more and more electricity, we burn more and more of the fossil fuels, depleting our resources and emitting pollutants into the atmosphere.

By analysing how much electricity we use each month we can then be watchful and reduce our consumption where possible. If we were all to be more vigilant with our usage, a small amount from everyone would contribute to a large overall effect in the amount of electricity used.

By using a system which monitors your consumption it becomes easier to analyse your habits and then come up with a solution to reduce the consumption. If you want some help with this then head over to my filter king – there are some great pieces of content over here.

Conserving electricity is of benefit both to the consumer and to the environment and it makes sense to take the necessary steps to save money and to have a clean and healthy planet for the generations to come.