Vacuum Cleaner Reviews and Guide for Shoppers

Some vacuum cleaners come with bins that are not easy to empty while others come with bins which are hard to replace. So, we hope that you don’t get frustrated by buying wrong product thus stick to our vacuum cleaner reviews and guide.

Vacuum cleaners are one of the extremely useful products for every home. They are pretty handy home appliances that can clean even the toughest and closest space of your home.

However, these can be a real mess sometime and give us a major pain while doing basic clean-ups. How? Some makes a lot of noise while others are heavy. Some comes up with few accessories while others come with bunch of those among which many are of no use.

Some vacuum cleaners come with bins that are not easy to empty while others come with bins which are hard to replace. So, we hope that you don’t get frustrated by buying wrong product thus stick to our vacuum cleaner reviews and guide.

Let’s begin with the guide

Basically, vacuum cleaners can never be a potential annoyance if you know which type of cleaner you need. A whole bunch of categories of cleaners are in the market which has raised the question- how to make a choice? How to find a durable, easy to clean and use vacuum cleaner? Read the guidebook to know, how?

Vacuums are everywhere

The beauty about shopping a vacuum is that there is something that fits to every lifestyle. But, they are in tons and getting a perfect model is itself a challenge. However, you can still find out one for you. Here we have menu of different vacuum styles with their features and usability.

Upright cleaners

The common home cleaners are an upright vacuum that is found in almost all homes today. It comes with a foot lever to change the machine angle and direction. This is great for those who cannot bend or have posture problems. Moreover, deep cleaning of carpet is possible with such style cleaner. They come with few pros like easy to store, less costly and a foot lever. However they are heavy and pushing and pulling is difficult with it. They are noisier as well.

Key features-

  • Bins to collect debris
  • Upright position
  • A wand for stairs
    Comes with accessories

The average weight of upright cleaner is 14-17 pound where it may cost you somewhere between $40-$700.

Canister cleaners

A popular vacuum found in every home in the UK is canister style cleaner. Reason is its versatility. It is easy to lift and clean different spaces of home. No power loss as it comes with a full sized engine. They are ideal for cleaning stairs as lifting them is not difficult. It can clean every corner of stair with ease. It makes less noise, has a separate power heads that increase its mobility.

However, they are bit heavy and come with long wand that makes the storage a challenge. The average weight of the canister is 8-13 pounds that makes lifting comfortable. It may cost $50-800 to buy a canister style vacuum cleaner.

Robot style

Robot cleaners are more than a vacuum. They are smart cleaners that clean every inch of your house without your help. Let them go and they will clean all the mess that you have created on floor. They have intelligent programming that guides how to clean and where to clean. Few models come with brushes that reach even to the difficult corners of the floors.

They have features like UV sterilization and mopping as well. They are time saving cleaners that clean without any intervention of human everywhere on the floor and even to the hard to reach corners of the house.

However, they cannot be used on stairs and also have short battery life. They come under the weight of 10pounds with average price of $100-1000.

Key features

  • Cordless
  • Cleaning modes
  • Dock station that is battery powered
  • Sensor controlled
  • Automatic scheduling feature
  • Apps for easy to use

Handheld cleaners

Handheld vacuum cleaners are good for small cleaning jobs. Some models have cord while others are cordless. Cleaning is quick and easy with this compact style vacuum. This can be a supplement at home to your main vacuum. No need to pull out your bulky cleaners when you need to clean only a small space.

They are light weight and thus handy. Handheld cleaners are Ideal to clean bare floors, short-pile carpets and interior of cars as well. However, they don’t have much capacity and lack power as well. They can be bulky as well.

Key features

  • Cordless
  • Light weight
  • Easy to store

Average weight of this compact style cleaner is about 5 pounds less than others. It also has price range less than others, only $20-$200.

Stick style cleaner

Stick vacuum cleaner is halfway upright and handheld. It has features of both the styles. The cleaning power is good as that of upright and maneuverability like handheld cleaners. They run on batteries and can go to places where you cannot take your corded vacuums. However, they are less powerful but are good option in lightweight category.

Key feature

  • Lightweight
  • Battery powered
  • Cordless
  • Easy transit from carpet to hardwood

They weight typically under 10 pounds and cost you around $25-$600. However, they have small dirt bin.

Central vacuum cleaner

This semi permanent fixture is ideal for cleaning homes and buildings, basement and storage room. They are convenient and operate quietly however they are expensive and needs large space for storage. They can installed anywhere in the building but installation should be done only by professionals.

In our vacuum cleaner reviews and guide we have also listed points to consider while buying them.

  • A cleaner with bag holds more dust but identifying when they are full is difficult whereas this is easy in bagless as they have transparent bins.
  • Wet and dry cleaners are good to clean spilled drink, broken glasses and more. They save time on mopping.
  • Vacuums with HEPA filter are good as they can remove 99.99% of dust.
  • Cyclonic vacuum cleaner makes less noise without compromising with efficiency.
  • Portable cleaners are convenient to use.
  • Cordless cleaners are usually preferred due to its easy operation and storage.

Also, consider accessories that come with it and the types of flooring on which they can be used like carpets, hardwood and tiles. They should be easy to maintain as well. Hope you can now buy an ideal cleaner for your home.