Using Neon Signs in Home Decor: Everything You Need to Know

Popix Designs notes that neon signs first became popular in the 1920s to the 1960s, then made a resurgence in the 80s and again now.

Neon signs have a special place in the heart of anyone who grew up in the 80s and 90s. Newsweek reports that neon is making a comeback in a big way in popular culture, something that those of us who are into interior design can capitalize on in a big way.

Custom made neon signs are a fantastic addition to any interior decor, adding a bit of a retro feel or a change in atmosphere. They bring great lighting accents and combine it with an artistic chic that’s unique to this particular design element.

Popix Designs notes that neon signs first became popular in the 1920s to the 1960s, then made a resurgence in the 80s and again now.

Finding the right way to drop neon signs into a home requires a little bit of forethought. One doesn’t just want to slap a neon sign into something; we want it to add to our decor. For that, one needs to consider the overall decor and make decisions that allow the neon signage to pop, but not be intrusive or gaudy.

Art Where No One Expects it

Art Where

Single words or phrases can be quite powerful when seen all by themselves. The aim of art, some contend, is to make the viewer think, and a single word, outlined in glowing letters, placed conspicuously on a wall might do precisely that.

Neon draws the eye by its very nature, and when the sign is switched off, it would easily blend in with the background. It only truly becomes art when you want it to, switching it on to glow in that fluorescent brilliance that neon captures so well. The unexpected things, like neon sign art, leave a deep impression on those who aren’t expecting to encounter it.

Lighting Up the Stage

Neon signs come with their own source of light. While accent lights are already excellent ways to add ambiance to a room, many times the focal point of the room is a bit sparse.

The power to draw someone’s eye with a splash of color is what neon signage does best. It’s the reason they were adopted in the first place – to draw attention to areas that are open for business and what they were offering.

In this case, we can use neon signs to pull the viewer’s eye to what we want them to see, turning an accented space into one that demands attention with its neon sign at center stage. Neon’s ability to stand out helps to fuel the feeling of it being the center of attention.

Bringing Color to a Space

Bringing Color to a Space
Freshome notes that the colors within a room may be a direct reflection of one’s personality. Neon signs are an affordable and efficient way to tweak the feeling of a place by changing its color slightly.

The sign itself is already glowing in its own colors, but it also casts a halo effect on the wall hat its places on as well as the other areas in the room that the light falls on. It can turn an industrial-looking space into something far more inviting with a bit of personality to it.

Light on Dark or Light on Light

Neon signs work great on dark background because of their own light contrasting directly with the deep color behind them. The shade of darkness could interact with the sign’s light to create a stunning visual effect. However, even on a light colored background, neon signs make a compelling counterpoint.

The feeling that juxtaposition creates isn’t only in the case of colored neon lights, but even for white lights on a white background. The initial impact of the sign may take a while for the observer to catch on to, but when one does, the discovery is so much sweeter. It’s a bit like figuring out one’s own little mystery.

Bedroom Art

Neon signs are flexible, and they don’t just need to be letters. Simple designs like hearts colored in a deep fuschia can add a subtle glow to a bedroom.
Bedroom Art
The hints of color interact well with light colored sheets, and by itself, it can provide a playful lighting scheme that can take over from harsher overhead lights if need be. It’s a playful way to decorate a bedroom, but one that’s equal parts passion and suggestion.

Neon Signage in Modern Design

Ever since neon signs were invented they have held a particular place in the minds of decorators. They can be applied to several different design primitives to get the look and feel one wants for a specific space.

Additionally, they are flexible enough to be put to use in words, phrases, or even simple designs. There’s no need to complicate a simple neon design for it to work. One just needs to know where it works best in the grander theme of the room design.

Lara Douglas is a young woman who loves interior designing and home decor. She is passionate about new trends and fashion forward home décor ideas. She regularly posts at Neon Signs Depot.