Top Tips To Create The Ideal Vintage Boudoir

While there will always be some people who love to embrace the latest modern trend, for many of us there is nothing more beautiful than a vintage-style boudoir. Classic and elegant yet comfortable, a traditional-themed bedroom is ideal for relaxing and sleeping in. If you’re ready to turn your existing space into a stylish vintage-inspired bedroom, read on to discover our expert tips.

Choose White

White floors, ceilings and walls are the perfect way to instantly bring a vintage vibe to any bedroom. Avoid anything too bright or glossy – instead, choose a buttermilk or chalky shade and paint throughout to create a uniform and cohesive look. With a plain white base to work from, you’ll be able to add hints of color and pattern without any worries about clashing.
Choose White

Recycle & Upcycle

Recycling and upcycling aren’t just big news at the moment thanks to their eco-friendliness, they’re also ideal for creating an authentic vintage look. Harness your own creative flair to breathe brand new life into old and neglected pieces. Look for old pieces that you can adapt, paint or recover to turn into stylish bedroom accessories. Think outside the box whenever possible. Old window shutters could be turned into an unusual headboard. Old curtains could be turned into cushion covers. An old chair can be repainted or reupholstered to restore its beauty and comfort.

Buy Antiques

If you can fit it into your budget, buying antique furniture is the very best way to create a genuine vintage feel in your room. If you can only afford one antique piece, go for a bed – the largest and most important feature of any bedroom. Bear in mind that antique beds often require custom size mattresses to achieve the perfect fit, but the overall result will be a dramatic and beautiful one. You could opt for a metal bedstead for a 19th-century feel or why not go for an earlier look with an upholstered bed? A floral fabric would be the perfect choice to reupholster the foot and head and would set the tone for the rest of your room.

Use Patterns

Use Patterns
There are no set rules to follow if you’re creating a vintage look in your bedroom, so feel free to use patterns to your heart’s content. Floral cushions are an absolute must, but there’s no need to stick to the same floral pattern for each. Mix and match as you wish, and pair them with touches of floral wallpaper, and crocheted and knitted blankets. A word of warning – avoid bright and vibrant colors. Instead, select an ice cream palette so that all the different patterns will mingle and merge instead of clashing.

A Dramatic Vintage Style For Any Boudoir

Follow these top tips, and you’ll find that you can create a stunning vintage-themed space that is warm, comforting and welcoming whether you’re getting ready for a big night out, relaxing with a good book or lying down to go to sleep. Is there anything more beautiful than vintage-inspired elegance? We don’t think so!