Tips for Fixing a Heat Pump Water Drip

The function of a heat pump is to transfer heat in the winter and cool air in the summer.

Heat pumps are used to heat homes and cool homes efficiently. However, water could drop from the pump and leak through causing major damage.

Don’t be alarmed when this happens, just address the issue!

The function of a heat pump is to transfer heat in the winter and cool air in the summer.

When there is a water drip from your heat pump it could cause water damage, mold infestations, component wear, and electrical issues.
Heat Pumps Leaks

There are common problems that come from heat pump leaks. The drain pan collects condensation from the unit, but when it is clogged with debris, algae, and mold then it overflows and causes a puddle to surround the pump.

A cracked pan can also be an issue and could corrode, which will cause a leak.

A dirty coil is another issue that should be addressed. Coils collect condensation and the water rains down the coil into the pan then goes into another drain. If the coil is dirty then it could malfunction causing water to drip on the ground. This usually happens from frozen evaporator coils, low refringent levels, and ice form on cooling coils.

Prevent Heat Pumps Leaks

What is the best way to prevent leaks from your heat pump? To always address any potential problems right away. This can be done by scheduling preventative maintenance with local HVAC technicians and plumbers in the East Valley. Professionals will inspect all aspects of your HVAC unit and plumbing system to ensure everything is properly working.
Prevent Heat Pumps Leaks
If they do notice a leak or any issue, they will make sure to repair it right away to keep from issues progressing to more costly and damaging issues.

Regular tune-ups and preventative maintenance on your HVAC unit will not only save you on your electric bill, but it could save you on expensive repairs by catching any issues before it gets out of hand.