Quick And Efficient Way of Trimming Your Pet Dog’s Nails

Few tools that assist you in trimming your dog’s nails are:

Many dog owners are hesitant to trim their pet dog’s nails. But trimming your pet dog’s nails is necessary to groom your dog well. Other than that, perfectly trimmed toenails reinforce positive energy in your pooches as they are comfortable at their toes. While untrimmed or extra-long toenails cause severe pain to your dogs as they pressurize their toe joints upon running hard and playing. Besides hygiene, this is exactly why you need to know some quick and efficient ways of trimming your pet dog’s nails. Read on.

Four Ways to Trim Your Pooch’s Nails:

There are several ways to trim your pooch’s toenails that require you to use particular tools. Remember to never use the human nail cutter to trim your dog’s nails no matter what. It is better to gather the trimming tools already.

Few tools that assist you in trimming your dog’s nails are:

Dog 3

1. Scissors:

They look similar to wire cutters. When you squeeze their handles, the pointy nails of your dog’s cut.

2. Guillotine nail cutters

They are ideal for smaller dogs and puppies. They slice off the dog’s nails.

3. Clippers:

Nail clippers come in several styles. The most commonly used one comes in scissor style.

4. Nail Grinder

They work wonderfully to trim down your pet’s nails with the minimal effort as compared to other ways of trimming.

What Is the Most Efficient Way to Trim Your Pet Dog’s Nails?

Since trimming a dog’s toenails can be quite intimidating and frustrating for both the parent and the dog. You need to pick the smoothest and efficient tool to get the job done.

I recommend you to choose the best dog nail grinder for trimming those extra and dangerous bits of your dog’s nails. The nail grinders are much easier to use and go on with your pup. Modern grinders have special sensors that signal you to stop when the nails are done.

Now that you know dog nail grinders are the most efficient tool to have your pooch’s toenails trimmed to perfection. Let’s learn how you trim your dog’s nails with a nail grinder.

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How Do You Trim Your Dog’s Nails with a Grinder?

Follow these steps to get the trimming job done properly:

  1. Pick the nail grinder in one hand and the precious paw of your dog in another.
  2. Squeeze your dog’s paw gently so the toes get spread.
  3. Sweep your dog’s thumb hair aside and hold the toe separately which you wish to grind.
  4. Turn the dog nail grinder on and place it gently over your dog’s toe.
  5. Now smoothly roll the grinder back and forth on.
  6. Make sure to look around your pup’s thumb so you don’t unintentionally hurt it.
  7. Notice the sensor and instantly turn off the nail grinder.
  8. Don’t forget to treat your precious pup with yummy treats for being the good boy.

Tip: To have the work done without any drama and fuss, introduce your playful pooch in advance to the nail grinder.

Final Thoughts:

Nail grinder is by far the best dog’s nails trimming tool. It is quite easy to use and completely harmless to your precious pup.