How to Use Rugs to Decorate Your Home

Here are 7 awesome tips to help you decorate with rugs.

Nothing transforms a room like a great rug. A good rug defines a room and adds an extra layer. It can complete a room visually, making it more exciting, warm, cozy, and comfortable.

Even if your budget is tight, you can still find rugs for sale and create a stylish interior to freshen up your home. Before you move ahead for the to see the tips. You will also love to check the best vacuum for wool rugs. As you will required before after using rugs in your home.

Here are 7 awesome tips to help you decorate with rugs.

7 Tips to Help You Decorate with Rugs

Separate Areas in Your Home

Use a rug to separate or define different areas in your home, like dining or seating areas. Rugs come in especially handy in the case of larger rooms or studio apartments that need area definition.

Use Rugs That Complement Each Other

If you’re using more rugs, make sure they are similar in style; otherwise, the final result might be unpleasant. Several different patterns could disrupt your home’s harmony and make a space look messy.

Consider a Different Shape

Why settle for the traditional rectangular rug shape? Choose the ideal shape depending on the space and the way your furniture is grouped. Then opt for an oval, round, or square shape if it complements the room better than a rectangular rug.

Be Careful with the Pattern

Be Careful with the Pattern

If the color of your furniture and walls is neutral, go for a rug that has bolder colors/pattern to make the room more exciting. If, on the other hand, the upholstery and walls have heavier patterns, opt for a more subtle rug to add balance and ‘quieten’ the room.

Play with Colors

The rug’s colors should match your home’s décor and mood. Ideally, the rug is chosen first, then the room is decorated around it. But if you already have the furniture in place, use the rug to tie the existing colors or add an accent.

A rug in bold colors can be used as a centerpiece of the room, whereas more neutral colors are great if you want the rug to blend in. In general, brighter and darker rugs are better suited for bigger rooms, whereas lighter and pastel rugs are perfect for smaller spaces.

Opt for Wool

Rug connoisseurs consider wool to be the best choice. This natural fiber is cool in summer and warms in winter, easy to clean, and very soft. Wool carpeting also acts as a sound absorber and dampens any impact noise in a room. Finally, it retains the original color and looks fresh for years.

Choose the Right Size

Here are some basic rules when it comes to choosing the right rug size:

Leaving the edges of the floor bare makes the room look a bit bigger.
Choose the Right Size
If you’re placing a rug under the dining table, make sure all chairs are still on the rug when they are pulled out for use.

Runners should be 4’’ narrower and about 24’’ shorter than the hallway. Ensure they are wide enough to accommodate both feet.

Use two smaller rugs to create two separate living spaces in a big room.

Go Beyond the Floor

The best part about decorating with rugs is that their potential doesn’t stop at the floor. From the bed to the wall, here are 6 unexpected ways to decorate with rugs.


A runner might be the most obvious choice for the kitchen, but why not shake things up a little bit by using two smaller rugs?

Rag rugs add a casual, cozy look and beautiful texture which warms up the space filled with shiny appliances and cabinets. Not to mention, these rugs are easy to wash, so you don’t have to stress out when something spills.

Dining Room

Think sheepskins. Plush and glamorous, sheepskins will look great draped over the seats of your chairs. Besides adding lots of coziness and texture, they also create a boho-chic setting.


Instead of a standard bath mat, opt for a rug made of natural fiber like bamboo or sisal. Besides great looks, these rugs add warmth and organic texture that beautifully balances the glossy surfaces in the bathroom. In addition, they hold up very well to humid, damp conditions.


If you want to add some color (or pattern) to your bedroom, try topping your bed with a rug. Fringed, flat-weave rugs are perfect for creating a simple, yet comfortable look. When you want to go to sleep, just fold it down to the bed’s foot. This comes in especially handy during the warm months, as you don’t need to use a heavy duvet.


Looking for a quick and effortless way to update your seating? You don’t have to invest in new upholstery; all you need is a rug. Drape a flat-weave rug over a settee, sofa, or chair to instantly freshen up the room.

You can also use a flat-weave rug to freshen up a daybed. Opt for a rug that is somewhat narrower than the cushion’s width, then wrap and tuck until it is smooth. Pair it with a bunch of bolsters and throw pillows for an extra cozy effect.

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Mount a rug on the wall to create an effective centerpiece and add personality to any room. Choose a vintage rug in rich, vibrant colors and use it as artwork on your wall.

Extra Tip – Keeping the Rugs Clean

Woman using a vacuum cleaner while cleaning carpet in the house.
If your rugs aren’t cleaned regularly, they can easily turn into a health hazard. For starters, stay away from rugs with long, shag pile as they tend to trap mites. Standard rugs are safe if they are kept clean and vacuumed on a regular basis. If there are any blot spills, clean them immediately with a cotton cloth. In addition, ensure that your rugs aren’t exposed to moisture and have them professionally cleaned at least twice a year.

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