How to Decorate a Small Apartment with Style

If you just moved into a new apartment and you’re feeling a bit cramped, you’re not alone. Even the most spacious of studio apartments require a little extra love and attention to give it a unique, comfortable style. It may be that you have too much stuff, but most often it isn’t the amount, it’s the type. Your style demands a certain palette, texture, and design—making it work in a small space requires a few tricks and tips that we’re here to reveal.

Think About Color


You should have one primary color in mind from the get-go for your particular room. Build upon that with one other complementary color, and then bring it all together with a nice neutral color like grey or white. Everything should fit your scheme, from the rug under the coffee table to the decorative pillows on your couch.

Use Storage Decor

When you have limited space, you’ll have to think outside the box to avoid feeling like you’re trapped inside one. A vintage trunk can act as a centerpiece in a living room and double as a coffee table with storage.

Create Separate Areas

When you live in a studio, it can feel like your apartment is just one big room. To stylishly navigate this problem, you can use different colored rugs to differentiate areas or different decorative color schemes to offset your dining room and living room. Room dividers or screen can also create a private area or frame one room off from another. They’re particularly useful for apartments due to their mobility.

Look in the Mirror

Mirrors are great tools to make any modern apartment feel bigger. They create the illusion of more space when placed strategically. Often a large mirror on an empty wall will make all of the difference, especially if it is framed well.

Make a Statement

If you can draw the eye to something, it can make the entire room feel larger. Installing a large, stylish chandelier can make your room seem much taller than it really is by drawing the eyes upward.