Got a Home to Sell in Greenville, SC? No Better Time Than Spring!

If you are currently reading this blog, then you are probably looking for tips on selling your house in Greenville, SC. While it is a great area to live and work in, as well as to raise your children, we’re sure you have a good reason for selling. Now, that you have decided to make this big step, it’s important to take into consideration an important factor for the real estate industry: the time of the year. Most agents will tell you that if you have the option to choose when to list your property, it should be in the spring. Why is that? You’ll learn some of the reasons below.

1) Summer is coming and people have more free time

Spring is generally when people start leading a more active lifestyle and that reflects in the bigger activity in the real estate industry. It should come as no surprise that condo & home sales in Greenville, SC for the month of April 2019 were rising, even surpassing the results from last year. A larger buying market creates more opportunities for both sellers and buyers. Of course, the downside to that is the bigger competition as well.

The closer it gets to summer, the trickier it is to sell your home. Why? It’s just when most people take time off and when kids are off school. This means more free time but also more responsibilities and more vacation days being taken. For most households, it’s a busy time and home buying just doesn’t come as a top priority. Therefore, if you can postpone the sale to a different time of the year (preferably, next Spring) do it!

2) Springtime means more landscaping opportunities

Have you heard about the term “curb appeal” before? Probably. It refers to the level of attractiveness of your house on the outside. While some may argue that the state of the property’s interiors is more important, having a bedazzling exteriors helps a lot. In the winter, you can’t really impress anyone with a great landscape or at least not as much as in the spring. Come warmer months, people start spending more time in the outdoor living areas and a well-maintained and beautiful landscaping will definitely leave a positive impression on potential buyers.

While this may involve a little investment on your part, it can significantly increase the value of your property. What is more, you will also get to enjoy the beautiful exterior space. Everyone wins!

3) Fall and Winter are not good times for big investments

It is safe to say that for many people, buying a home is going to be the biggest investment in their lifetime. First-time buyers are likely to take their time with the purchase. Since they might have spent all summer vacationing and relaxing, the fall is when they will have to go back to reality. This means that buying a home might fall behind on their priority lists.

The start of the school year and the holidays quickly approaching will have their negative effect not just on the home sales in Greenville, SC but around the country in general. Less buyers means less demand and offers which will affect the price of your property.

4) No major holidays are coming

We all know how hard budgeting becomes around Thanksgiving and Christmas. The holiday season is tough on our finances. Buying gifts and higher electricity bills will potentially put a strain on people’s budgets and that’s something that will affect their buying power. They are likely to go for the cheapest option on the market and that might prevent you from getting a good deal on the property you are selling.

5) Statistics show properties listed in the spring are sold above asking price

According to recent statistics, of all homes listed above asking price, only 19% were sold in December 2018. For comparison, in May 2018, 24% of the homes listed above asking price were sold. If you are selling your home in Greenville, SC and you decide to do it in the spring, you are in luck. Greenville is among the 10 highest appreciating cities, meaning that it’s a popular place for real estate investments. You can maximize the profit by selling your property in Spring.

If you are about to list your house in Greenville, SC and you have no time constraints to do it, pick the most beneficial time of the year – the months between March and May. If you need help with anything, let our real estate agents know!