Glazing Isn’t Just for Donuts: Why Double Glazing Your Windows Is a Must

When it comes to installing new windows, you may not think twice about double glazing. But something as simple as glazing can have a huge impact on your home. Not only can it improve insulation—it can even up the resale value of your home.

Not sure what double glazing is, or why it matters? In this article, we’re covering the ins-and-outs of glazing, and why it makes a big difference for your home.

What Is Double Glazing?

What Is Double Glazing

A double-glazed window is a window that has two parallel panes of glass. These two pieces of glass are sealed together within an air space in between them. The glass in these windows is often referred to as thermal glass or insulated glass.

What Are the Benefits of Double Glazing?

What Are the Benefits of Double Glazing
The main purpose of double glazed windows is to reduce the loss of heat from homes and buildings. But there’s more to them than just that. Here are the major benefits of getting double glazed windows.

They Reduce Heat Loss

Did you know that a lot of home heat that is lost is lost through single-glazed windows? This makes them a poor option for colder climates where you can’t afford to lose that kind of heat. Double glazed windows capture and store natural heat much better than single-glazed windows, which will keep your home much warmer.

They Keep Your Home Cooler in the Summer

They Keep Your Home Cooler in the Summer
Not only do double-glazed windows keep your home warm during winter, but they also keep it cool during summer! They do this by insulating your home against the sun’s harsh rays. They also better protect your furniture and décor from fading due to extreme sunlight.

They Reduce Condensation

They Reduce Condensation
If you have an older home, chances are you’ve struggled or will struggle with rotting or molding caused by condensation. Double-glazed windows reduce excess moisture on your window panes, which makes these issues less likely to occur. That means these windows will protect both your home and family from the problems associated with mold and mildew.

They Block Unwanted Sound

Did you know double-glazed windows also reduce noise? In fact, they can reduce outside noise by 60%. That makes them a great option for homes by crowded areas or busy streets.

They Cut Back on Energy Costs

They Cut Back on Energy Costs
Poor window insulation can cost you big when it comes to heating and cooling costs. Double glazing provides superior installation, so you won’t have to your heating and cooling systems as much. And what’s better, is that these windows are also energy efficient!

They Enhance Your Home’s Resale Value

Do you have an older home? Well, turns out that new double-glazed windows can actually increase your home’s resale value. These windows show potential buyers that your home is energy efficient and that buying it won’t cost them more in the long run.

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They Make Your Home Safer

Home Safer
Did you know double-glazed windows actually make your home safer? That’s because they’re tougher to break in through than standard window options. That means they can offer you peace on mind on top of all these other amazing benefits.

Final Thoughts on Window Glazing

If you’re going to get new windows, why not invest in the best? Double glazing your windows offers incredible benefits, from energy savings to upping your home’s resale value. By installing them, you can rest easy knowing you went with the best window option.

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