7 Tips To Host a Themed House Party

A themed house party does sound like a lot of fun but there is a lot that goes into planning the party. If you are planning to host a party or a get-together and you have a theme in mind, these are a few tips that will help plan the party and will make the gathering fun for everyone. Hosting a themed party does not have to be a cause for a nervous breakdown and if you plan it well, it will be as smooth as ever!

Focus on food

  1. Just invite, do not overthink: Nobody’s house is perfect. There might not be enough chairs for everyone or the bathroom might be ugly or boring. However, most people love being invited to something with people they enjoy and they do not care about how your house looks like or whether the toilet is clean or not. Do not overthink and complicate things. Simply make a list of people you want to have fun with and invite them over.
  2. Do not complicate it: If you do not host parties often, you might find the task of planning to be stressful and tedious. However, do not make it so complicated that you never want to do it again. If you cannot cook for everyone, order takeout for dinner. You do not need to get the party invitations printed, send e-invites. Do everything that makes it less stressful for you to host a party.
  3. Focus on food: Food is one area where you cannot lag. Everyone likes food and it remains the highlight of the party. No matter what the theme is or the kind of party you are hosting, include quality food. Keep the theme in mind and set the menu. If you are cooking, stick to 3-5 dishes because you may not be able to manage cleaning up afterward if you cook a lot. If you are ordering takeout, focus on 5-6 dishes. Ensure that cleaning up is not a huge task after the guests leave. Hence, choose the dishes very carefully.
  4. Pick the theme carefully: Since you are hosting a themed house party, you will need to decorate your house accordingly. Pick the theme by considering the guests who you are going to invite. You need to have a theme that is acceptable to all and allows everyone to participate and have fun. Some of the popular themes are black and white ball theme, Arabian nights theme, funky disco theme, casino and Vegas theme amongst others. Do not go overboard when it comes to preparing the house for the theme. Focus on big impact items and rent party essentials like lighting, furniture, and other decor items.
  5. Use what you own: Do not stretch the budget to create the right mood for the party. If you cannot rent the stuff, simply use what you already own. Place bar stools across the living room and put food where you want people to be. Use balloons, cute paper straws, and flowers to create a party mood. Small things can make a huge difference in a house party.
  6. Ask for help: Allow other people to help when you host a house party, it will reduce stress. If people offer to arrive with cutlery or offer to bring a side dish, take them up on it. You need to remember that you are not failing and it is absolutely fine to let people help you. You will be glad when you have someone who is by your side throughout the party. When people start to leave and if one of the guests offer to help you clean up, accept the offer.
  7. Plan fun games: Keep the theme of the party in mind and set expectations. You do not want to have people who are simply sitting and talking. Inform the guests about the theme and ask them to dress accordingly. You need to plan fun games that are related to the theme so that people know what they are going to do at your house. Make it clear what is going to take place at the party.

When people start to arrive, just relax and enjoy the party. This is a cardinal rule for how to host a great party. Do not apologize for the lack of decorations or for having only a few items on the menu. Do not point out the flaws and stop worrying about it. Nobody wants to feel like a party is stressing you out. Be your best and enjoy every minute of the party. Make people feel like you are having a good time and are glad to have them at your home. When guests notice the host enjoying the party, they automatically feel glad to be a part of it and have a wonderful time.