6 Things to Look Out During a Bathroom Renovation

So, what is it you should be looking at when considering whether you need to renovate?

Do you love your bathroom? Is it somewhere you feel you can take a long, leisurely candlelit bath? Or is it somewhere you rush in, do your business and rush out again? Maybe it is time to look at renovating all the plumbing and fixtures and learn to love your bathroom!

If you are trying to sell your house, be aware that real estate agents always recommend a bathroom upgrade before selling because an old or run-down bathroom can actually lower the value of your home.

So, what is it you should be looking at when considering whether you need to renovate?

1.Major Issues

Major Issues

If you are experiencing major problems in your bathroom, such as leaking pipes, poor water flow, cracked flooring and peeling walls, it is definitely time to renovate.

You might be surprised to hear that your house pipes and drains should have an extremely long life if properly cared for. On average:


  • Brass and galvanized steel pipes between 80 and 100 years
  • Copper pipes between 70 and 80 years


  • Cast iron pipes between 80 and 100 years
  • Plastic pipes between 25 and 40 years

However, if your plumbing professional tells you that your pipes or drains have reached the end of their lives, be prepared for some major construction work.

Tiles and walls are often the first to suffer in an older bathroom, tiles get cracked, grout is stained and chipped, wall paint peels and wall tiles fall off. Old flooring laminate can peel up and get damaged. This is not only very unattractive but also a health risk as water can get into these gaps and cracks, rotting floorboards underneath or stagnating and causing mold.

For the avid DIY enthusiast, replacing tiles and floor laminates can be easy but if there is damp or structural damage involved, you will need to call a professional for assistance to ensure the problem doesn’t re-occur.


Mold is not only unsightly and damaging for your bathroom, it is also extremely dangerous to your health. Non-toxic mold can cause allergies, headaches, respiratory problems but toxic mold is extremely dangerous and a poison to the body which can be fatal. If a home has toxic mold, it will probably need major detoxification whilst the residents live elsewhere.

Mold can form in your bathroom for numerous reasons such as dampness due to poor ventilation, water being trapped behind or under surfaces or blocked drains where the blockage stays damp and attracts the mold spores.

Most homes have a little mold which can usually be wiped away with a bleach/water solution and cleaned on a regular basis to control it. This solution does not kill the mold spores and you might need professional help to remove it. The best way to control mold is to ensure that your bathroom is well ventilated and there are no places water can gather.

A complete renovation of your bathroom can remove fixtures infected with the spores as well as adding more efficient ventilation methods like exhaust fans or shower windows.

3.Old and Dated Sanitaryware

Old and Dated Sanitaryware
By sanitaryware, we mean the bath, toilet and sink features (maybe even a bidet if you are that way inclined). Many older homes are victims of the 1970s love of avocado or yellow hardware which leaves your bathroom looking dated. There is a reason the majority of modern bathroom hardware is white! If you have the budget, you can change your sanitaryware for a total new look.

This can be a major investment and sanitaryware tends to remain structurally solid for a long time so you might want to consider simplifying the rest of the bathroom design, redecorating it to cream or white and
changing your taps, faucets and shower heads to update the look without a huge financial investment.

However, be sure to check all the sealants around the sanitaryware to ensure they are not allowing water to collect behind them.

Another reason you might think your bathroom needs renovating is issues with the water flow and toilet problems. Often, these can be solved without changing the whole toilet by replacing the toilet’s flushing system or finding out why the water is not flowing properly.

4.Old Hardware

By hardware, we mean the water heater, as well as taps, faucets and showers.

Our water heaters can often be a huge problem in a bathroom, especially as they get older. On average, a water heater will last approximately 10 years, longer if you are lucky and take care of it. When your water heater is leaking, making noises, not heating to the correct temperature or producing water that smells or tastes metallic, it is time to change it.

Taps, faucets and showers can get chipped or rust and lime-scale build up can block them. You can clean them to some degree but at some point you will need to change them. New hardware will freshen up the look of even the oldest bathroom

5.Different Bathroom Needs

Different Bathroom Needs
When considering whether to renovate your bathroom, it might be because your bathroom needs have changed. Perhaps you have an extra person living with you or someone who needs special safety features.

If an elderly relative is moving in, you might want to consider adding support bars by the toilet, anti-slip features in the shower or bath, easy access light cords or even widening the door for wheelchair access.

More people using your bathroom means you will need more storage space so a renovation can take this into account.

6.Saving the Environment

Older bathrooms were built before anyone considered the damage we are doing to our environment. Modern bathrooms have water saving devices in the shower, low water use toilets, low wattage lighting etc. Although you are unlikely to want to spend a fortune to save a few dollars, if you are considering renovating your bathroom, this is another plus point.


Whilst not a small investment, remodeling your bathroom can make it more attractive and functional, increase the value of your home and make it a safer place to live. You will also be able to enjoy your baths by candlelight!