6 Essentials Required for Opening a Home Bar

When you want to open a home bar, there are different things that you should take into consideration. You want to make you place ideal for relaxing and entertaining friends in typical fashion. A bar at home will enliven your dreams and an effort to set one is not that daunting as you may expect the process to be.

While a home bar ought to resemble a public bar, you should be cognizant of the fact that these two entities significantly differ in various aspects. As such, the following six essentials are required for opening a bar at home. However, more things should be taken into account since these factors are not exhaustive but significant guidelines.

Your space inside the house

When you intend to establish bar inside your home, the first thing you need to consider is the aspect of space. You should always bear in mind that no matter what size of the internal area you have, you can still open a bar in your home that satisfies your needs. Even in an apartment with limited space, you can open a bar and create a refreshing atmosphere at home.

You need to identify a convenient location whereby you will not interrupt the performance of other routine house chores. You can use a mobile bar cart or unused space in the kitchen. It is essential to make sure that you have appropriate home storage to avoid breakages of the cocktails and glasses. You must also have a proper bar fridge for safe storage of beers.

Have a clear target audience in mind

The golden rule you should bear in mind when you want to open a home bar is that you are the primary customer. The bar is primarily yours, and you are the one responsible for determining how you want it to function. Therefore, the onus is on you to stock your preferred alcoholic beverages. You need to understand that the bar you open at home should not resemble a pub but have the essentials.

Many people who will grace your bar are friends, relatives, and colleagues so you should aim to appeal to their interests. You should share your taste with friends and be open to their suggestions. A home bar is specifically meant for entertaining friends on occasions like Christmas and parties. You need to make sure that everyone gets something that suits their taste. The idea is to create a refreshing atmosphere at home away from public places with many people.

Start from a small scale

When you intend to open a bar at home, you do not need to stress about the quantity of your initial stock. Your aim is not to open a commercial bar where customers walk in and order their preferred brands of beverages. Your bar will be specifically aimed at catering for the needs of a selected few individuals on special occasions.

Therefore, you need to begin with a small quantity of stock. You can then grow the bar gradually as you incorporate the tastes of other people who visit your place. You must make an effort to satisfy your feelings as well as to convince other people to share the same view as you. Your internal space should also determine the volume of stock you should keep at any given period as you seek to expand your bar. When the room is small, you may not be able to achieve the growth you may wish for a specified period.

Get the right mixers

The other issue you should seriously consider when intending to open a bar at home is to procure the right mixers. To make your bar live to its expectations, you should make sure that the audiences enjoy a variety of cocktails. To achieve this, you need to obtain the right mixers and different types of brands. You can add whiskeys, brandy, rum and other common beverages to your carte so that the audiences can enjoy variety.

The other element is that different people enjoy a variety of tastes hence you should try to get various mixers. For example, you can procure mixers like lemons, garlic, onions, pepper as well as red hot sauce among others. A bar should create a live environment, and the patrons should enjoy the occasion in the comfort of a home.

Many people visit public bars for the love of variety and the pleasant environment they get there. This can still be achieved at home where you design your bar in such a way that it fulfills the needs of all the patrons. Apart from a variety of cocktails and mixers, you should also make sure that the people around are treated to their favorite snacks and other beverages.

You should also have the right glasses

To make your home bar attractive, you should make sure that you have the right glasses. When you procure a variety of cocktails, make sure that these are saved in the appropriate glasses so that the patrons can have a feel of the actual bar. The targeted audiences need to enjoy a real situation where a bar atmosphere is reflected even at home.

There are different glasses that you should procure for your patrons such as beer mugs, Martini glasses, wine glasses, tall glasses as well as Rocks glasses. These are designed for each particular cocktail, and it gives you the actual feel of a real bar. Nothing is disappointing as being served your favorite rum or whiskey in a tumbler or coffee mug. The bar ceases to meet its expectations, and this is not good.

You also need other bar accessories like toothpicks for onions and garlic. Napkins are also essential as the patrons need to wipe alcohol spills on their tables. A martini shaker is also necessary for the bar as well as a filter. This can be used along with different recipes of cocktails offered.

Get a good recipe book

In bars, people have various preferences, and the choices of recipes available can enhance these. You need to know different methods of cocktails so that you can be in a better position to offer a variety of classic cocktails ideal for a home bar. You can get recipes from different sources like books, but it is wise to stick to methods that are manageable on a small scale. Some recipes are ideal for commercial purposes, and these may be costly for your private bar.

Above all, you should always remember that you are the primary patron of your home bar. You need to create a relaxing environment within your place of residence so that you do not frequent pubs since you can get all the services at home. You can create an atmosphere that gives you peace of mind while in the comfort of your home.

The other issue is that when you establish a bar at your place, be mindful of the needs of special friends and colleagues who visit you during special occasions. A bar at home does not necessarily need to compete with public bars since it does not operate on a commercial basis. When you know this, then you can design a small bar that is capable of satisfying your needs as well as the patrons.

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