5 Tips from Commercial Cleaners You Can DIY

If you are hoping to try and clean an area on your own, these 5 tips below can help you to get professional-looking results. With these tips and a little elbow grease you’ll be surprised how easy it is!

When an office space or retail environment is spotlessly clean it can not only help cut down on the spread of germs but it can also help people feel inspired to do a better job. Every commercial space has a different team in place to achieve that sleek and shiny look.

Commercial cleaners don’t just suddenly know how to get every surface sparkly clean, they have a learning curve when they first start out. Luckily for you, commercial cleaners have tips that can help anyone get a cleaner office space or home. You may not have all the cleaning supplies and equipment they have but that shouldn’t restrict your efforts.

If you are hoping to try and clean an area on your own, these 5 tips below can help you to get professional-looking results. With these tips and a little elbow grease you’ll be surprised how easy it is!

1. Make A Checklist

It seems like an obvious step: making a checklist of everything that needs to be cleaned. But following a checklist will prevent you from skipping over something that needs to be tidied, especially as you tackle larger homes or spaces.

It’s likely that there are a few things that need to be cleaned every day, and others that will be just fine to be cleaned once a week or potentially even longer between scrub downs. In order to keep everything straight and not passed over by mistake, a checklist is key to getting that professional cleaning feeling.

Most commercial cleaners also follow the same pattern every time they clean to ensure that they don’t miss a step. After a while, your cleaning habits will become second nature but it’s best to start off with a written checklist. As you write your checklist, complete each room by going clockwise, which will also help ensure you do not miss a spot.

Having a checklist also helps you ensure that you use your energy well. Why overexert yourself vacuuming the floors only to later dust and then discover you need to vacuum again? A checklist follows a proscribed order that will help rooms be cleaned top to bottom (it’s a cliche for a reason) and will keep you on track.

2. Bright and Shiny Floors

Getting the floors of any home or office can seem like a big undertaking. Consider all the grime that can end up on a floor dragged in from shoes. Whether you have a hard surface floor or carpet will change how the floor is cleaned but a clean floor is a great way to make a solid first impression on guests, visitors, and employees.

It’s important not to rush cleaning your floors. Allowing them ample time to be cleaned properly and then dry properly is vital to how your floors will look. It’s easy to tell if a floor cleaning has been rushed, you don’t want to make that same mistake. Patience is of the utmost importance in cleaning, so put out the wet floor sign and let your hard work air dry.

Because businesses have a lot of foot traffic you want to make sure that you are using to correct cleaning solutions for your floors so all you remove is the dirt, without causing any damage or weakening the floors. The best option in cleaners is to find one that is PH neutral, these are gentle products that can work their magic on a variety of flooring.

Floors are the most common surface to house germs so it’s extra important you take care to clean them well. A hard surface floor can house the flu virus for up to 48 hours so getting your floors cleaned regularly (preferably every day) is key to keeping germs at bay.

Having mats at all of your entrances can help keep down on the dirt and debris that is tracked in throughout your space. Just be sure to add the mats to your cleaning checklist to be sure that they are cleaned regularly in a high heat wash as well. Especially in high pollen seasons!

3. What’s Climbing the Walls?

What’s Climbing the Walls

Sure, cleaning the floors can be second nature, and the dirt can be visible but when was the last time you cleaned your walls? Walls can be easily overlooked but, especially in office spaces where walls tend to be white, or light-colored, the dust can build up visibly over time.

Simply dusting the walls will help the current paint job or wallpaper have a longer life as well as allow the space to look fresh and clean. If a heavier duty cleaner is required for stains, consider using a solution of vinegar and water so as not to damage the paint. Blotting at stains on walls should remove the bulk of the issue.

Once your walls are cleaned, a simple dusting from time to time should keep them looking great. The exception of this is a kitchen or bathroom, or anywhere that tends to get humid or greasy. Aim to clean the walls in these spaces more regularly and look out for any new stains so they can be cleaned promptly.

4. Sanitize!

Remember, that if something can be touched, it is likely to be harboring germs. In a post-COVID-19 world, it will become even more imperative that homes and offices alike will be regularly cleaned and disinfected.

While things such as door handles and elevator buttons seem like obvious places to be cleaned, they can also be overlooked. Be sure that the smaller details that need to be cleaned to stop the spread of germs make it onto your checklist.

Other high touch areas include light switches, phones, computer keyboards and faucets among others. Don’t overlook the wastebaskets as well. Because there’s no telling what they have come into contact with, it is often better to empty the receptacle trash bag and all then replace the bag, rather than simply emptying the bin and using the same liner repeatedly.

5. Deodorize

While a common tip is to put baking soda in a refrigerator to help cut down on unpleasant aromas, other areas of a home or office can also benefit from smelling clean and fresh. While you don’t necessarily need to add fragrance to your space you also need to be sure that the area smells as clean as you’ve made it!

Odors can be masked of course, but by getting your spaces clean regularly you will be able to avoid the malodorous scents in the first place. By using a citrus scent in the cleaning products you can allow the lingering scent of clean to be a pleasant one.

If the smell seems to come from the restroom no matter how much cleaning you have done, consider changing out the sink trap below the drain. It is possible for a lot of gunk to get stuck in a sink trap, and the constant moisture can be a breeding ground for bacteria and odor. A clean sink trap will help a bathroom smell fresher.

If you are combating an odor that is particularly stubborn, leaving a bowl of vinegar in the area overnight will help absorb the unpleasant smell. Don’t worry, the scent of vinegar will dissipate once the bowl is removed. Leaving you with a fresh-smelling and clean room.


By following these five tips you too can clean your office space or home with the vigor of a commercial cleaner. Whether cleaning is your passion or just simply a means to a more professional and clean environment, these tips will help you maintain the cleanliness you seek.