5 Must Have Tools for Home Improvement & DIY Projects

Whether you are an avid do it yourselfer, or a homeowner, there are some tools you just need. A basic set of equipment that will help you to tackle a wide variety of projects around the house. And what are those tools? This is the question that we aim to answer today, as we look at five different types of power tools for homeowners and DIYers. Read on!


Drill Driver

Tool novices may be a little bit gun shy when it comes to the drill/driver. After all, isn’t that a power tool? For experts?

Yes, it is a power tool, no you don’t need years of experience to work with it safely. Drills are really a pretty basic piece of equipment that are used in accordance with most projects. From hanging pictures, to building an entire deck, drills are a staple for most jobs. There are many different types of power tools out there for different uses if you are interested you might want to try some impact driver reviews to find out more.

The good news is that they are available at almost every price point. Whether you want to spend $20-250, you are going to find something that suits your needs and your budget.

2.Oscillating Tool

Oscillating Tool
The oscillating tool is another versatile tool that will provide you with broad access to a variety of jobs. The oscillating tool can sand, grind, and cut. In short, the tool gives you plenty of bang for your buck.

It also has the benefit of being simple to use. Experts and beginners alike are going to find this tool accessible and handy.

3.Comprehensive Screwdriver Set

Comprehensive Screwdriver Set
The screwdriver set is one of the most basic components of any tool bag. Virtually every home has one or two screwdrivers lying around. However, if you want to tackle bigger projects, you are going to want to invest in something that is a little bit more comprehensive.

You can get a ten-piece set for under $20 if you need to. For a lot of people though, bigger is better. Buying in bulk is going to be cheaper than purchasing individual units, so feel free go for a robust set. It may be pricier from the get-go, but you might save money in the long run.

4.Orbit Sander

Orbit Sander
While most oscillating tools do have a sanding feature, many do it yourselfers will also benefit from a designated sander.

Why? The orbital sander is specifically built with the power and capacity to make short work of bigger projects. Whether you are a woodworker, or just trying to put the finishing touches on a smaller project, like painting your furniture, you can stand to benefit from an orbital sander.


While the ladder doesn’t engage directly with any work surface, it does facilitate access to a wide range of home improvement projects.

Painting a room? You’ll need a ladder. Cleaning your gutters? You are going to need a ladder. Getting into your attic? Time to bust out the ladder.

The utility of a good ladder is essentially unending. They come in a wide variety of sizes, so there is something for everyone. Just be sure to get something with a solid weight rating. Safety does come first, after all!