5 Great Tips for Creating a Home Office

There are many advantages to working from home, and with a well-designed workspace, you can control your business empire from your spare room.

If you are one of the many Australian people who prefer to work from home, your workspace needs to be designed in such a way that you can be productive, and the first thing to do is nominate a room that will be exclusively used as your office. From this room, you can control every aspect of your business, and before you rush off to start moving furniture, here are a few tips to make the project a smooth one.
Room Selection

  1. Room Selection – You might have a spare bedroom upstairs that can be used as an office, which would be ideal, as long as you provide a good Internet connection, or failing that, convert the garage to be your place of work (the car will survive being parked outside). Whatever you decide, don’t make the mistake of thinking you can use the living room, which is not practical, rather you need a room that will be used for nothing, except as your office.
  2. Think Basic Office Equipment – Obviously, you will require a desk or table, which should be large enough to allow you lots of space, and it must accommodate your computer, the printer and a couple of filing trays. One thing you will need is a good CEO-type chair, as you are going to spend a lot of time at your desk, so a comfortable executive office chair is essential. In the event your budget is somewhat limited, take out a Nimble loan to buy what you need, and repay the loan within 12 months, and office equipment would be tax-deductible. You will need a good printer, for internal documents and promotional content, so choose a well-known brand and a colour printer is the best option.
  3. Digitalise Everything – If you purchase a document scanner, you can scan all paperwork and store it on the cloud, which eliminates the need for filing cabinets, plus you can quickly access any document, and the cloud is also a form of data back-up, which is essential. If you are not sure about the procedure to become self-employed, here is a government website to help you navigate this.
  4. Create the Right Ambience – If you’re going to spend much of your time in your new office, it should be a pleasant environment that is designed around you and your needs. You could use some artificial plants to add a touch of greenery and a few wall-prints with upbeat, positive sayings would complete the look. Task lighting can be provided by a table lamp and there are many designs to choose from, especially when you search online. Here are a few design ideas that you might want to consider in your new office.
  5. Make Best Use of Available Resources – While it would be nice to order a lot of office equipment and furniture, if you’re starting a business, you’ll need as much money as you can, so do make use of what you have. In the event you have to invest in a couple of items, think quality, as you want your office equipment and furniture to stand the test of time.

Make Best Use of Available Resources
There are many advantages to working from home, and with a well-designed workspace, you can control your business empire from your spare room.