4 Efficient & Attractive Outdoor Storage Solutions for Your Tools

Whether you’re a gardener or a tool hoarder, finding an attractive and efficient way to store your outdoor equipment can be challenging. There are plenty of outdoor storage solutions aside from stockpiling tools in the garage, however.

Sure, you can invest in huge weatherproof bins, metal storage cabinets, and similar paraphernalia, but these look less than pleasing on the outside. If you’re looking to maximize the space in your yard, while finding an organized and aesthetically appealing way to do so, you’ll want to implement the following outdoor storage solutions.

Build or buy a storage shed


Storage sheds can be compact cabinet-like fixtures or full-blown structures. All this will come down to the amount of items you have to store. No matter how big the storage shed, it can absolutely be a DIY project. All you need is some cinderblocks, mortar, and cedarwood.

To begin, level out the area on which you wish to build. Then, use the mortar and cinderblocks to layout the foundation. Once this is done, you’ll want to turn your attention to the framing. We recommend cedar lumber because it naturally resists rot, and is very sturdy.

Purchase some 2×4’s and find a way to bind them together, space them out about two feet apart. Then, purchase some joist plates for the roofing. Attach the four wall frames together, and then attach them to the base.

Buy some ready-made roof trusses or build them yourself to ensure the roof is completely stable. These will support the plywood and shingles you use to create the actual roof surface. Use your joist plates to construct the joists, and a 2×4 to support them while you attach them to the walls.

Lastly, buy some trim and vinyl siding to complete the look, and integrate your shed with the rest of your home’s look.

Multipurpose furniture

Make use of multi-tasking furniture. You can buy outdoor coffee tables or storage benches that will hold tools, toys, and similar items. You can also create some yourself. For example, you can turn an old bookcase into an outdoor storage bench. Simply turn it on its side, give it a fresh layer of paint, throw a cushion on top, and use the shelves as storage compartments.

Lift-top outdoor coffee tables are also a great way to store and protect your knick-knacks. Their base serves as a storage compartment, and many have surrounding drawers you can also make use of.
Wicker storage ottomans are another great solution and, when paired with the aforementioned pieces, will really maximize your outdoor storage space.

Outdoor cabinets

If you have a larger yard, outdoor cabinets are likely the best solution to your problems. These outdoor cabinets can double as an outdoor island, bar, or TV storage. Vary it up with wall cabinets, floor cabinets, and full-height cabinets so you can store equipment of all sizes.

You might even want to consider an outdoor cabinet with a sink base if you tend to get your hands dirty while you’re outdoors. This is a great way to make your storage space more functional.

When searching for the right outdoor cabinet for your home, aim to buy one made of high density polyethylene (HDPE). This material is made to be weatherproof, waterproof, and UV-proof, so it will be resistant against fading, cracking, or water damage. It is also stain resistant and can be easily hose-washed, so it doesn’t require extensive cleaning.

Hanging wall rack & floating shelf

Turn your fence into a hanging wall rack for your tools, such as shovels, trowels, etc. You can do this placing hooks along your fence, or attaching a wooden block to the siding of your home. Wooden pallets also make a great standing storage solution.

If you prefer to keep your tools more organized, create a hanging basket rack out of a wood block and some wire baskets. This way, you can categorize your tools by function.
Just an old wooden plank, coat rack, hockey stick, or longboard can serve as a base.

You can install an outdoor floating wall shelf much in the same way as your hanging wall rack. It all depends on the format you prefer. You can use reclaimed wood to create a rustic vibe and attach a metal bar on the underside of the shelf for items you wish to hang too.

Based on how valuable the tools you wish to store are, you’ll want to choose your outdoor storage method carefully. For more expensive tools, a shed or outdoor cabinet is your best bet – particularly if you can install a padlock as well.

Meanwhile, shelves can be complemented with a small curtain to keep the items on them out of sight. With these storage solutions, you no longer have to resort to your tools being exposed to the elements or that rickety old storage bin.