3 Florida Luxury Homes for People that Love to Entertain

Somewhere among the lush and inviting Florida landscape is a home made to bring your fantasies to life. Communing with nature and enjoying tantalizing wine and food while surrounded by loved ones is your birthright, so don’t end your search for the perfect property until you feel sure about every detail. Take a dive into inspired, impeccably-crafted, and luxurious properties to escape the cookie-cutter world and discover the possibilities open to you.

1.A Single-Story That Has It All

A sprawling shelter from the storm, you can find five gorgeous bedrooms that include a bathroom with every one as well as a kitchen, living space, and a few half-baths without climbing a single step. Enjoy an open concept that creates a lovely flow from room to room, which is perfect for roaming and creating spaces that tell a story. Indeed, the square footage is generous and includes vast windows that look out into breathtaking scenery.
A Single-Story That Has It All

Sleek lines from the floors to the glass shelving and black and neutral color scheme against white walls attests to a modern feel, but you don’t have to sacrifice traditional touches. An ornate, wrought-iron entrance, for example, can greet you upon arrival and provide guests with a sample of the sumptuousness inside. Wooden beams from the ceilings can flaunt intricate lighting and crystal chandeliers, and of course, you can’t forget the Italian villa roof tiles that make it a joy to gaze at the property.

2.A Home Made for the 21st Century

Feasting on meals and engaging in conversation is wonderful, but certain occasions call for a little extra. The advent of technology made possible a fully-automated home that is also equipped with the fixings for old-fashioned fun. The VIlla Olivia in Bella Collina, FL gives you control over opening the garage, locking doors, operating lights, and controlling the HVAC system with a touch of a button; visitors can stay over in supreme comfort in one of four bedrooms with a private bathroom and custom temperature setting. It’s safe to say that not much more is needed when a person is surrounded by such elegant entertainment.

The smart home technology gives you maneuverability over the floor-to-ceiling steam shower that imbues you with warmth to melt away the stresses of your day as well as a walk-in refrigerator and freezer to store food that is nourishing to your spirit. Theaters can seem trifling once guests experience the retractable outdoor movie screen that beams out drama and intrigue that is almost as stunning as the tranquil lake views.

3.A Dream Built From the Ground-Up

Perhaps you must end your search for a physical manifestation of your core essence because it doesn’t exist. Recruit a company like Hampton Bay Homes to construct a paradise away from city noise, mundane suburbia, and harsh light pollution. The esteemed builder has received many accolades for its flawless taste and considers it a privilege to pepper the pristine landscape with character dwellings that are almost as high-caliber as their clientele.
A Dream Built From the Ground-Up
Florida has a booming real estate market that makes it ideal to retire or invest. When your input is valued you can build a home where originality is at the forefront, even among the over 30 homes in the neighborhood built with the same limitless ambition. Rest assured that a community has never looked so scenic or welcoming.

A home should be as personalized as your genes so you can spread compassion and humor among your most cherished peers. The sophistication and revelry of a well-designed home should not be understated; these three options are a mere sample of the intrigues that you can make your permanent residence.