10 Reasons That Will Make You Hire Professional Plumber

While many plumbing tasks and fixes might seem like they’re easy to accomplish on your own, the truth is that it is very likely that you’ve overlooked finer details in the process, do not possess the correct tools to properly do the job, or you are simply being overconfident. Sometimes being overly frugal with home repairs can end up costing you far more money than simply leaving the job to a trained certified professional. When it comes to DIY plumbing repairs, it is easy to make a mistake or break a plumbing part that could leave you with thousands of dollars in repairs to make above and beyond what the original fix cost. When in doubt, always have a professional handle your plumbing needs. This will ensure that the job is done correctly, that the correct tools will be used, and you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the plumbing job will be good for years to come.

Although sometimes small issues could be fixed by yourself, it’s always recommended to leave the more complex tasks to a professional plumbing company. Always look for a plumber that provides long-term warranties and return-customer discounts. For example, my Toronto plumber (Absolute Draining & Plumbing) provide a 25 year warranty on all drain repairs, and their team are super friendly and helpful, making the whole experience seamless. Find your trustworthy plumber and stick to them!

10 Reasons That Will Make You Hire Professional Plumber

Your Physical Safety

1. Your Physical Safety – Some plumbing tasks can be really dangerous, especially when they involve climbing under your home and squeezing into tight workspaces. Your physical safety can also be at risk any time you deal with hot water plumbing or pipes. You can scald yourself with burning hot water, rack your knuckles trying to pry open jammed plumbing fixtures, cut yourself operating electric machinery, and more. Always hire a professional plumber to do the job right. Don’t risk your own personal safety just to save a few dollars. A professional plumber Canberra can do the job safely.

2. You Don’t Have The Right Tools – Doing professional grade plumbing means you have to have the correct tools. That means both manual tools and electric power tools. Not having the correct tools for the job means that the likelihood that you damage something is far higher. You also stand a much higher chance of becoming physically injured if you are using the incorrect tools. Slipping the wrong size wrench or using the wrong gasket wrench can wreak havoc in more ways than one.

3. Solve the Problem Permanently – Often times the DIY fixes are temporary at best. This is especially true if the DIY plumbing fix isn’t done properly, with the correct tools, or the technique used to complete the fix was poorly thought out. When you hire a professional certified plumber you can be confident that the fix will be permanent. What that means is you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you won’t have to make the same repair twice or any time soon.

4. A Professional Fix Can Cost Less – Many homeowners would be shocked to know that a professional plumber can often times do the job for way cheaper than what a DIY fix would cost. This is due to the fact that a professional plumber will do the job much more efficiently. They’ll also have access to wholesale or discounted plumbing parts, whereas a homeowner will pay the retail cost for these plumbing fixtures and parts. A professional plumber will also do the job right, ensuring that you won’t pay for additional costs later on down the road.
A Professional Fix Can Cost Less
5. Ensuring Your Water Stays Sanitary – Another major pitfall of DIY fixes involves water sanitation. Doing a plumbing job incorrectly could mean that you moderately or severely compromise the sanitary integrity of your water supply. Certain plastics, metals, and gasket sealers can badly poison your water supply, leaving you and your family at risk of getting sick or slowly poisoned. If you are ever in doubt about whether or not a DIY fix is safe for your water supply, then opt to hire a professional plumber instead.

6. You’re Likely to Lack the Latest Equipment – Contrary to what you might think, the plumbing industry is constantly evolving. Most professional plumbers stay on top of the latest plumbing trends, meaning that they will fix your plumbing problem with the best tools and methods available. Many of these tools can cost thousands of dollars, so it is very unlikely that a homeowner will possess them.

7. Preserve the Value of Your Home – When attempting to sell your home on the real estate market, in many cases DIY fixes will not be recognized as something that improves the value of your home. In order to maximize the value of your home, it is always good to be able to show receipts that prove you hired a professional certified plumber to do all of your plumbing work.
Preserve the Value of Your Home
8. Guaranteed Plumbing Work – Many professional plumbers offer short and long term warranties on both their plumbing work and the materials used. These warranties in many cases are transferable, so if you decide to sell your home, the new homeowner can still opt to use these warranties. This, in turn, increases the value of your home. There is nothing better for a prospective homeowner than buying a new piece of real estate that has certain guarantees.

9. Get Customer Support – When you hire a professional plumber, you generally get access to fantastic customer support, especially if you hire a large plumbing company to do the work. Once the job is done, you can call the plumber’s customer support hotline if you have any further questions or concerns about the job. With DIY jobs you are strictly on your own. Any questions you have will need to be answered by tedious research online.
Get Customer Support
10. Avoid Costly Plumbing Accidents – A DIY plumbing job done incorrectly can in some cases have catastrophic consequences. A broken water pipe, hidden water leak, or other damage caused by a DIY fix has the potential to do thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home. In some cases, a homeowners insurance plan will not reimburse the homeowner if they are the cause of such accidents, especially if the insurance company can prove that the homeowner was reckless when they caused the damage.