Are Replacement Windows a Good Investment for Your Home in Edmonton?

Yet despite the many benefits of new windows, some Edmonton homeowners are cautious about making the investment. After all, windows aren’t cheap.

There are few things worse than dealing with drafty rooms, high energy costs, poor natural lighting, and a drab and dreary exterior home.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. For residents of Edmonton, investing in replacement windows or upgrades can address all of the above and more, transforming your home into a palace deserving of you and your family.

Yet despite the many benefits of new windows, some Edmonton homeowners are cautious about making the investment. After all, windows aren’t cheap.

With that in mind, the pros at Window Mart have helped us put together this helpful guide to help you find out if replacement windows Edmonton are a good investment for your home.

There’s a lot at play when it comes to factoring in potential return on investment with windows, so without further delay, let’s dig right in….

Situations When Replacement Windows are the Best Option

While new custom windows can be a great upgrade for any home, the value of making the move to replace existing windows will be directly impacted by your home’s current state and condition.
Consider the Following Factors:

1. What is the condition of your window frames?

Window frames that are visibly worn, warped, broken/cracked, or that have separated from the factory seams may be due for an upgrade. Even the smallest of cracks or gaps can result in moisture or air seeping into your home and walls, potentially causing not only an increase in energy bills but substantial damages over time. For example, with moisture, mould and rotting are of primary concern.
Replacement windows, can both reduce energy costs while preventing further damage to your home’s exterior and interior.

2. What Type of Glass is Used in your Windows?

Not all glass is created equal. Energy efficient glazing, for example, is descriptive of those windows that are “double” or even “triple” glazed, making them thermally insulating and drastically improving their energy-efficiency.

Many older windows, even those that are double glazed, do not contain “low-emissivity” glass and as such are not very energy efficient.

According to Energy Star, those certified windows can reduce energy bills and save homeowners substantial money on energy costs as compared to single pane and double pane clear glass windows.

3. What is your Local Climate Like?

The climate, both regionally and in the exact place you live (micro-climate) plays a big role in whether or not replacement windows will help provide a good return on energy costs.

Alberta, Edmonton is situated in what we call a “prairie-steppe” type of climate. In layman’s terms, residents generally enjoy sunny weather (even in winter), with the majority of precipitation (which is mild) happening in the summer months. As for temperatures, residents endure harsh cold winters, long snow seasons and nights that are rather cool even in the summer months.

Colder temperatures mean greater potential for heat loss and frigid drafts. It also means higher energy bills, meaning any improved levels of insulation can make a big impact.

On average windows represent up to 15-20% of a home’s entire surface area, making them a significant risk for energy loss, representing up to a 25-52% annual savings on heating and cooling bills.
If your home is in the open and not surrounded by windbreaks such as trees and other buildings, the structure is even more susceptible to energy loss.

4. Are you happy with the aesthetics of your windows?

Windows, like any other aspect of your home, can become outdated, impacting the attractiveness of your home and detracting from both its curb appeal and actual value.

New windows are one of the key aspects of your home that prospective buyers evaluate. Even when prices are reduced to reflect the need (or potential need) for replacements in the near future, many prospective home buyers won’t want to deal with the hassle and prefer the new purchase is outfitted with windows that will last them for many years to come.

Even if you have no plans of selling now, replacing your windows can refresh your home’s exterior, making it more appealing to those passing by, as well as contributing to the enjoyment and pride you’ll have in your residence.

Environmental Tax Credits

In 2017 Alberta Environmental Minister Shannon Phillips announced a revolutionary rebate program designed to help homeowners improve the energy efficiency of their homes.
This program provides provincial government rebates available to Alberta homeowners seeking to replace or upgrade insulation, windows and hot water heaters. The program provides coverage for energy efficient triple-glazed windows and rebates of up to $3500. This rebate program can offset the cost of certain replacement windows and improve the return margins on your investment.

For more information please visit: Energy Efficiency Alberta

So, are Replacement Windows Worth the Investment?

In many cases they are. When investing in your home you want to seek out those upgrades that are functional/utilitarian, aesthetic, and valuable. Replacement windows fit the bill.

From reduced energy costs to improved natural lighting and enhanced curb appeal, windows are both useful and worthwhile.

Do you live in Edmonton or surrounding areas and are on the hunt for windows that will give you the best return on your investment? Reach out to the team at Window Mart today. Their window experts can help you find the perfect match.