A Short Guide to Kid-Safe Pest Defense

Keep reading for a list of pest defense options that don’t use harmful pesticides or insecticides.

You’ve seen a few mice roaming around your home. You know that you need to get rid of them because they carry diseases that can make your family sick. The problem is that you have two younger children who also roam the house.

You’re afraid that they will pick up the traps and get hurt or worse, get into the rat poisoning that you leave out. The good news is that you don’t need these things to catch the mice. There are ways to go about it that’s safe.

Keep reading for a list of pest defense options that don’t use harmful pesticides or insecticides.

1. Rats and Mice

The best way to get rid of rats and mice safely is with preventive measures. Don’t give them a food source, seal possible entryways, and put screens on your doors and windows, or get a cat.
If the mice get into your home anyway your best bet is to use traps but make sure they are in places that your children can’t reach. You can also put them in plastic enclosure boxes.

2. Ants and Roaches

Ants and Roaches

Ants and roaches are annoying but they can be stopped. Try and trace where they are coming from and seal the entryways with caulk. Eliminate their food source by picking up crumbs and not leaving your food out overnight.

Instead of using insecticides, you can spray the ants with a mixture of water and dish soap to kill them.

3. Lice

Unless your child is homeschooled, they are vulnerable to lice. You can lessen the possible threat by teaching your children not to share headwear with other children. If your child already has lice you can treat the problem by using coconut oil, neem oil, or olive oil shampoo on their scalp.

After you’ve done that comb through the child’s hair with a metal tooth comb and submerge any possible lice in hot water to kill them. Wash any of your child’s belongings that may have come in contact with their head.

4. Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are hard to get rid of but it’s not impossible. You can prevent them from getting your home by paying close attention to your luggage when you’re on vacation or at someone else’s house.

If you manage to get them, start by removing any clutter around your home. This is just an attraction to them. Vacuum all around your house and seal any cracks where they may be hiding.

Bedbugs can’t survive in extreme heat so if you wash and dry all of your clothes and bedding before the infestation gets too bad you may be able to stop it. If an infestation does break out then call Reynolds Pest Management to handle them.

Pest Defense that Won’t Hurt Your Children

It can be hard to deal with pests when you have children. You need to get rid of whats infesting your home but you want to do it without exposing your children to horrible chemicals. Follow the steps in this guide as your first line of pest defense.

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