A Guide to Preparing Your Home’s Plumbing for a Pre-Sale Building Inspection

If you are planning to put your home on the market any time soon, there is much to arrange, and we should not forget about concealed aspects of the property, which will come under scrutiny from a potential buyer. The plumbing, for example, should be inspected by a professional plumber and given the all-clear, and with that in mind, here are some plumbing maintenance checks to carry out prior to putting the house up for sale.

CCTV Drain Inspection

State of the art equipment is used by the professional drain cleaning contractor to closely inspect the inner drainage pipes, and with a power flush, the drains will be free-flowing for a few more years. If you suspect you might have a partial drain blockage, seek Sewer Surgeon expert plumbers based in Croydon and they will carry out a drain inspection, while also cleaning out the system.

Checking for Leaks

If a potential buyer noticed a damp patch on one of the ceilings, he would likely point this out, and by having your plumbing system thoroughly inspected, any minor repairs can be carried out. It is very likely that a potential buyer would want to have the building inspected, and if you can show him a detailed report on the condition of your plumbing, this will ease any fears they might have. Leaking faucets should also be repaired. There is a single provider of both drainage and plumbing inspections, which is very convenient, and with their expertise, you will be able to provide evidence that the plumbing is in good working order.

Buyer Assurance

As you would expect, there is a degree of concern for the potential buyer of a property, and by having your plumbing pre-inspected, you are adding to the peace of mind that the buyer has regarding the sale. The drains, for example, are concealed from view, and it is natural for a buyer to want to know that all is well with the drainage system, and if you commission a drain inspection prior to putting the house on the market, that’s one less thing for the buyer to be concerned with.

Hard Physical Evidence

The drain cleaning expert would leave you with a detailed report on the condition of the drainage system, and that would include CCTV images taken inside the pipes, which is all the evidence a buyer needs that all is well with the sewer pipes. The experts have all the equipment necessary to complete a sewer inspection, and they would also give the pipes a power rinse, which ensures any partial blockages are removed.

If you put yourself in the buyer’s shoes, you can understand why it is important to check every aspect of a property before agreeing to the sale. Once your plumbing has a clean bill of health, you can make sure that other aspects of property maintenance are up to date, which will hopefully ensure a quick sale.