A Guide How To Use A Bissell Carpet Cleaner

Now that you have your new Bissell cleaner, it is time to put it together. You will need a Phillips screwdriver to assemble it to use it.

Now that you have purchased your new Bissell carpet cleaner, I am sure you are rushing home to see how amazing the flooring will look once finished. Vacuums and carpet cleaners have come such a far way in the past few years, and we fully understand your excitement.

Before you can start cleaning your house, you will need to assemble the machine, learn about the attachments as well as storage, cleaning of the device, and how to maintain your new vacuum. Below you will see a guideline on how to best use the new machine.


Now that you have your new Bissell cleaner, it is time to put it together. You will need a Phillips screwdriver to assemble it to use it.

The vacuum comes in a few pieces that will take a few moments to put together. Start by placing the base in front of you then take the handle, and you will be able to slide it into the base.

General Use

To turn the machine on and off, all you will need to do is press the power button. The handle position will determine what kind of clean the vacuum will do. Upright posture is for storage as well as use when attaching and using the specialty tools. Normal posture is used for the necessary cleaning tasks of picking up what we have on the carpet. Low cleaning mode will allow the vacuum to reach under furniture or get a closer clean around stairs and baseboards.

Depending on what surface you are vacuuming, you will have the option to adjust the height. The three options you will see are the lowest setting which is commonly used for bare floors or low pile carpets. The medium setting is made for medium pile carpets. The highest setting is made for longer carpets and area rugs. You can adjust these settings by using the dial at the foot of the vacuum. Bissell has a large variety of vacuum cleaners with an assortment of features, so, if you want for more information, you can check out this article.

Use Of Attachments

The attachments are handy for those hard to reach places or the areas that need some extra attention. To switch out the accessories, you will want to make sure your vacuum is in the upright position.

Place one hand on the end of the house and use the other side to attach the tool you are using. Firmly press them together to make sure the attachment is in place.

Storage And Maintenance

The machine is ready to be emptied when you see the contents reach the dirt line. You will empty the full tank by removing it and pouring it out down a drain. If there are particles or leftover residue left in the machine, you may clean this with water or a damp sponge or towel will do if you want to wipe it down.

Removing the tank to empty it or clean it can be done by pressing on the tank release button. Hold the container upright as you remove it to prevent anything from falling out. Take the tank and empty it over a garbage bin where you can hold the bottom release button. It will allow you to empty it without making a mess. Once finished, return the tank to the machine and make sure it is firmly in place before you use it again.

Best practices are to check the pre-motor filter monthly to see if it needs to be cleaned or replaced. The filter is removable so when it is time to clean it, you just hit the release button located on the lid, and the filter will be free to remove as needed. The post-motor filter is what prevents the dust and allergens from filling your air as you clean. You will want to replace the filter every 3-6 months depending on how often you use the vacuum.

The filter is located under the tank so you will need to remove the tank to clean it. Once the container is removed, you can press on the filter to move it through the bottom of the tray. You can now wash the filter in your sink, or replace it if necessary. While cleaning this filter, you will not use water or a cleaning agent, all you need to do is tap the filter on the side of your sink which will allow the contents of it to release into the sink, where you can wash the mess up after.

When you are ready to store your vacuum, you will want to make sure it is in the upright position. You can use the handle to carry the machine upstairs or from room to room. Also, you can push the machine to transport it as well. The rear wheels will make maneuvering easy as long as the device is tilted back while carrying it.

Clearing A Clog

You will notice your vacuum may be clogged when you receive poor suction when in use, or you may start to hear different noises that you didn’t hear before. Long hair is a common reason for a clog, and it is worth checking the base of the vacuum often to make sure there is no hair tangled around the brushes. When checking your vacuum, it is essential to turn the vacuum off and unplug it before cleaning.

Remove the dirt tank from the machine and empty it as usual. You will now want to remove the inner cyclone and check for anything that may be causing the clog and clean it out. There is a suction inlet which should also be checked led for clogs. If this doesn’t solve all your problems, you will have to grab that screwdriver again to remove the hose from the vacuum to check it for anything that may be stuck inside.

Don’t worry, the more features on a vacuum don’t mean it is harder to use or maintain. Bissell has made it easy for users on every level to use and take care of their new vacuum and continue to support you through and after your purchase. Now it is time you have been waiting for! Your new vacuum is ready to go to work for you!