A Complete Guide to Double Glazed Doors

It is best to be aware of all the options available when choosing the doors and windows of your home, especially you are looking in somewhere like this door store seattle for what you need. Owing to the huge variety of designs in recent times, there is no requirement of compromise. The newer designs are far better when compared to olden options. They are extremely well planned so as to suit the needs of different kinds of homes. Regardless of the design, internal double glazed doors are extensively used, everywhere.


Traditionally, glass doors and windows were made of a single pane. Glass was not preferred as a single pane window was a bad insulator. It failed to protect the house from outer weather. As a solution to this problem, double glazed doors were designed. Double glazed doors have two panes of glass in layers. They have a small gap in between of 9-12mm in width. Between the two glass panes, there is air. Air is generally a better insulator than glass. The effectiveness of air as an insulator increases, when placed between two panes of glass.


  • Depending on where your house is located geographically and the climate in that area, you can choose the best kind of double glazing doors. They are of three types-
  • Regular double glazing doors- These doors have two panes of glass. It is the standard design which can be easily found. It can be used in all weather conditions.
    Smart windows- These are most useful when you live in tropical areas. Such kind of double glazing helps keep of heat. It is anti-glare and keeps out the harsh heat, especially during summers.
  • Thermal glazing- This kind of double glazing glass is used for extreme weather conditions. They provide more protection than the regular double glazing doors. They have smart glass in them and provide 68% more insulation.


Some of the advantages of having double glazed doors are-

  • Economical and energy saving- Managing the internal temperature of homes is difficult when there is a single paned window. As it is a poor insulator, other energies consuming options like air conditioners or heaters come into play. The use of double glazed windows helps eliminate other options that consume too much electricity. Hence this is an economical option and saves a lot of money.
  • Noise control- not only is double glazed doors good insulators for weather, but also noise. Noise from outside can disrupt sleep and other daily activities. Double-glazed make sure that external noise is controlled, creating a peaceful environment inside the house.
  • Property value- installing double glazed doors into the house can be a very wise decision. This increases the market value of your house which is advantageous if you have plans to sell the house eventually.
  • Security- Since these doors have two layers of glass, they are stronger than normal windows/doors. This makes it difficult to break. The doors can even be made with toughened glass, to further increase security
  • No condensation- There is an absorbent in between the two panes of glasses. This prevents any fog or moisture to accumulate in the windows. Double glazed doors ensure that you have a clear view out of your window always.


  • A bad choice for older homes- Older homes tend to have a more authentic design. Double glazed doors might not suit such homes making the overall look conflicting.
  • Not easy to repair-if there is damage, these doors cannot be repaired easily. If condensation occurs on the inside of the panes by mistake, the entire window has to be dismantled to fix it.
  • Traps internal heat- These doors are good insulators which can sometimes be a disadvantage. If the internal temperature of the room is high there is no chance for the heat to escape. While this may be good for winters, it makes summers seem hotter than they actually are.
  • Cost- The cost of these doors is higher compared to a regular window. This is because there are two panes instead of one. When installing more than a few into the house, double glazing doors can be an expensive choice.

Although the installation of the glass might cost more than a traditional door, it is not expensive. The advantages provided by the double glazing doors simply overpower the disadvantages.


As the name suggests, triple glazing has three panes of windows. This is the major difference between the two. Triple glazing windows increase the amount of insulation which makes it great in houses which require a lot of trapped in heat. Triple glazing windows are ideal for extremely cold weathers. Their installation is more expensive compared to double glazing doors, yet they are more energy efficient.

Triple glazing doors are not suitable for all homes as they amplify the insulation of double glazing doors, which may become too much. Another difference is that double glazing doors can have various types of panes on the inside and outside. The finishing of the panes can be altered based on the interior and the exterior design. Hence double glazing doors can blend in with the rest of the house. Double glazing also offers a multi-point locking system which ensures high levels of security. With double and triple glazing doors, you can be in charge of controlling the natural light and weather in your house.